Today on Ranked, I’m taking on Fish to discover the best fish to ever do it. Do you agree with this list or not? And most importantly, how many of the fish listed here have you tasted before?

9. Panla

I’m not exactly sure what to make of Panla fish. Yes, it is affordable, but the enjoyment is limited. The fish is lean, and it doesn’t offer much, be it smoked or fried. I feel it should be a waka-pass fish, added as an extra garnishing, not the main thing. Sorry to those who swear by Panla.

8. Tilapia

Tilapia is the kind of fish you brag about because of the name. But in terms of taste, girl bye. It’s bony, and needs the cook to be very skilled. And it only bangs in some kinds of soup, not all. Best as an aquarium fish. Let it just be entertaining your visitors.

7. Hake (Panla, but with Master’s)

This is another variant of Panla fish. And compared to the skinnier Panla, this one tastes far better. It also works wonders in soup for swallows. For vegetables and other kinds of soup, not sure. Perhaps stew it separately, rather than cooking it together.

6. Catfish

In terms of popularity, Miss Mamas here will win. But taste and versatility? I’ll need her to take several seats backward. You’ll come for me, I know, but you can’t deny that the only appeal catfish has is peppersoup. What happens when that is taken away? Even when smoked, it’s still meh. So what are we saying?

5. Kote

This tastes divine, but a lot of times, you are likely to jam the one that tastes like cassava. You know, hard, bland, despite all the seasoning you put in it. And that’s my struggle with it. If you are going to cost so much, you might as well taste good all the time. As a plus, it tastes really good when fried.

4. Ojuyobo (Argentina)

Goodness, this fish is delicious! The name is because of the large eyes, but that doesn’t take anything away from the sweetness. It is like a mix of Titus and Shawa together, but there is more to it. It bangs in stew, soup, okro. It’s a complete package.

3. Croaker.

This one is seen as a rich people’s fish and rightly so. But whenever it lands on your plate, kneel down and say a prayer because you are about to experience a taste that is completely elite. Grilled or fried, this fish works. Stew or soups, e still dey.

2. Shawa

Yes, Shawa is awfully bony and should be discredited. But then, it makes up for it in taste. Shawa goes well in stew, soups, and any other thing you need it for. Even when fried, it still bangs with garri. If it’s just the bones, I can overlook that.

1. Titus

There is no other fish deserving of this spot. Titus has and will always be supreme. Taste? Check. Versatility? Check! This fish blends well with everything and brings out a unique flavour. Fry it, smoke it, cook it fresh, different flavour each time. Titus dear, na you dey reign.

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