We can say without a doubt that there’s no one who hates Jollof. However in the event that we’re wrong and there’s a sect somewhere dedicated to besmirching Jollof, it’s because they have bad vibes. We’re sending them love & light, and we hope they find the healing they so desperately need. Because what is there to hate about Jollof — a food that is nobody’s mate? If you’re among those who doubt that Jollof is indeed nobody’s mate, here are five reasons why you’re wrong.

1) It unites a continent.

Citizens in different African countries playfully insult and banter with each other over different things. But the one thing we all can agree on, the one thing that almost every African country has its version of is Jollof. Wherever you go on the continent, you can confidently walk into a restaurant and order Jollof, knowing that it won’t be too different from the one you’re used to.

2) It has caused a continental war.

The downside of almost every African country having its own version of Jollof is the lighthearted competition between these countries about whose Jollof is the best. This perpetual contest has led to many online and real-life cooking wars. If Helen of Troy was a type of food, she would be Jollof. How many of your fave foods have started wars by just existing? None. That’s a quality reserved for only legendary foods.

3) It is one of the few foods that comes in many forms.

From peppery and smokey to native and concoction, there is a version of Jollof that fits any taste palette and budget. Are you feeling like a big man today? Make native Jollof full of many delicious obstacles like diced ponmo, liver, beef, etc. If you wake up to find out that your wallet is echoing, then go for concoction Jollof. We stan a considerate meal.

4) It’s the official Nigerianfood of celebration.

The day Nigerians will host a party without Jollof is the day pigs will sprout wings and fly. No matter what gathering it is (birthday, wedding, funeral, etc), Jollof must be present, flanked with a plethora of side dishes. This brings us to our last point.

5) Jollof goes with everything.

Even though Jollof stands strong on its own, it can be served with many side dishes. Moimoi, plantains, coleslaw, vegetables, and eggs are just some of the sides that can be added to heighten what we like to call the Jollof experience. That being said, don’t limit your sides to this or any other list. You can eat Jollof with anything you want. It all comes down to whatever floats your boat.

Do you know what goes best with Jollof, though?

A chilled Coca-Cola.

Get into it.



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