Nigerian moinmoin is a delicacy. Made from beans, moinmoin can go with anything imaginable and it can even be eaten as a meal alone. Are you planning to chop life this weekend? Then you should consider a date with Nigerian moinmoin.

Nigerian moinmoin made with leaves

It can be prepared in leaves. The Yorubas refer to it as moinmoin elewe.

Nigerian moinmoin made with cups

It can also be prepared using cups or bowls, in case the leaves are absent.

The major ingredient is beans. It can be the brown or white variant. A lot of people are discouraged because of the peeling involved. But here’s the good news: you can cook moinmoin without peeling the beans. It depends on the kind of beans though.

Because we are kind people, we’ll share cooking process with you.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make it with leaves.

If you don’t want to peel the beans and you want to use cups, this is the tutorial to watch. You’re welcome!

Now that your moinmoin is done, here is a list of things you can pair it with.

1. Moinmoin and bread.

Bread and Nigerian moinmoin

Imagine this soft bread paired with moinmoin that is garnished with fish. It’s okay to salivate.Moinmoin and eko.

2. Moinmoin and Jollof rice.

Nigerian moinmoin with Jollof rice

With dodo and ponmo acting as waka pass.

3. Moinmoin and pap or custard.

Nigerian moinmoin served with and pap and custard

This is for Saturday mornings in Nigerian households.

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4. It goes well with garri too.

Nigerian moinmoin served with garri

Especially if you have ice blocks, as this wonderful chef shows in the photo.

5. Or with eko / agidi.

Nigerian moinmoin served with eko

Name a more iconic duo. We are waiting.


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