1. How the characters start singing and dancing every 5 minutes.

No matter the situation.

2. How they only kiss on the forehead.

Is there a law against kissing on the lips? Because I’m still confused.

3. How they cry anyhow at their weddings.

But nobody died na. Why all these tears??

4. Breeze blowing their hair every time. Even when they’re indoors.

Where is all this breeze coming from?!

5. All the unnecessary slow motion.

But why??

6. There’s a love story in EVERY movie.

It could be a movie about how Cain killed Abel and they’d still find a way to force a love story inside with the background characters.

7. The two characters in love will get caught in the rain at some point and will decide to play in it.

It’s like you people like having catarrh.

8. The translations of the songs into English never make sense.

What the hell?! LOL

9. The main characters always somehow end up in foreign countries when singing love songs to each other.

Na jazz? LOL

10. The insane special effects.

I’m dead. LMAO!

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