Most of the time, when people are fighting with their partners, they like to eat because they’re upset, sad or stressed.  Here are the best comfort foods to help you through these times.

Cold eba and any soup

Fighting can drain your mental and physical strength. You’ll need the energy to fight your partner back, and that’s why eba is a great choice Hot eba do usually cause sleep, but if it’s hard and cold? Instant energy.

 Ponmo or any other strong meat 

Use all the anger you have in your body to chew stong ponmo or any other type of hard meat. Focus your energy on transferring aggression to strong cow hide. By the time you’re done chewing, you won’t have any energy to fight again. 


If you don’t have the energy to fight and you want to keep your mind away from it, sleep. If you want to have the kind of deep sleep that makes you forget you exist, eat very hot pap with plenty of milk and sugar. By the time you wake up, you won’t even remember that you have a partner, talk more of fighting with them.


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Fried rice and chicken 

Life is for enjoyment and not for stress or suffering. Why waste all that time fighting with your significant other when you could be enjoying life? Abeg, forget about them and eat some fried rice and a big piece of chicken. 

Brownies and ice cream

If the fight is serious and you’re sad, ice cream and brownies can be the perfect comfort food. Nothing does it better than sweet junk food. To make it better, eat the brownies while watching a rom-com. 


I added this option not for you to eat (because avocados shouldn’t count as food in any shape or form), but for you to take your anger out on them. Buy avocados and smash them with your fists — or a wooden spoon. I’m not even joking, I’ve done this before and it helped.

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As a Nigerian woman, there’s no way I could leave this option out. Mostly because pasta is one of the greatest foods ever created. Once you eat some spaghetti Bolognese or some creamy penne pasta, you’ll be so happy and joyous that you won’t even care about the fight anymore. Your partner is forgiven instantly. 


Amala, ewedu and gbegiri is such a top-tier meal that it deserves to be eaten in every situation. Whether you’re upset, happy, fighting with your partner, or you’re happy together with them, eat amala and maintain happiness. 

Somebody else’s work 

Why stress yourself out by fighting your partner when you can eat someone else’s work? 

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