Bread is a common food here in Nigeria. We eat bread with almost everything from spreads to beans to akara and anything that tastes just good.

But if we had to rank these breads in order of taste and popularity, which one is likely to rank first?

We’ll tell you.

6. Coconut bread

The first time I tasted this, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Sure, it tastes good, but there’s just something about it that made me know there’d be no repeat purchase for me, unless my craving called for it. Also, the coconut kept flaking and just made a mess everywhere. Abeg dear. I cannot be sweeping floor because I ate bread.

5. Sardine bread

I honestly feel like this bread promises a lot but delivers very little. Because how can such a large loaf have just a tiny sardine in it? Why not just buy bread and sardine separately so you can enjoy it properly? That’s how I see it sha.

4. Wheat bread

Wheat bread will always be that bread I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, it’s very nutritious and works well for dietary needs. On the other hand, the taste is quite a roadblock. But if you get used to it, you’re in for the good life. Take it from me.

3. Bread rolls

This for me is perfection. It is exquisite in taste and very appealing. It’s the kind you eat many rolls in one sitting without paying too much attention. A test of self-control.

2. Banana bread

This is one good thing that came out of the lockdown. Yes, it has been in existence for a while, but the lockdown just ‘amplified’ it. In taste, it ranks high for me. It’s deeply satisfying to eat, and it bangs hard with yoghurt or very creamy tea.

1. White bread

There’s a space reserved for kings and this bread will always be found there. Do you think it’s possible for one bread to have so much fan love and relevance? White bread will always be THAT bread. No other bread comes close.


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