I never thought I could use the phrase “annoying cakes” in a sentence until I saw this Twitter trend of cakes showing up in different clothing. Don’t get it twisted, I absolutely love cake and I certainly appreciate the creativity. But these cake designs crossed the line in the food world.

1. Help us ask abeg.

We understand that cake is queen but if we see akara and agege then we expect akara and agege.

2. Is this level of trickery and torture even legal?

3. What he said though.

But we don’t support violence, we just want to have a word.

4. Hay God.

As this rate I might as well get me a Birkin bag in cake.

5. This rough play is now crossing the line.

6. This is actually the wicked genesis of the treacherous trend.

7. So you mean this was not Egusi and pounded yam?

8. We understand the rationale behind this one, stuff your bag with these treacherous decadent things and while people are paying you respect for munching on healthy fruit, you’ll be stuffing your face with sweet chocolate cake.

zikoko - Annoying cakes

Move smart fam.

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