Being in self-isolation has driven me to experiment with a lot of things, especially food. And while some of these experiments have come back to slap me in the face, a lot of them have resulted in mind blowing, toe-curling orgasm. One of them is this Golden Morn experiment which I’m about to share with you.

Your Golden Morn experience is about to become lit.

1. Golden Morn and beans.

This gives a different flavour. One spoon of Golden Morn, another spoon of beans. Honestly, it slaps.

2. Golden Morn and groundnuts.

Think of it as drinking garri, actually. And isn’t Golden Morn garri that went to university?

3. Golden Morn and fried plantain.

Plantain makes everything better.

4. Golden Morn and Stew.

For the Yorubas who want a bit of pepper to go with everything.

5. Golden Morn and moi-moi.

Just think of it as drinking garri and eating moi moi with it. Besides, moi-moi is made from beans, so it’s technically like eating Golden Morn and beans.

5 Ways To Eat Moinmoin

6. Golden Morn and vegetable soup.

This is for those who like to munch on something.

7. Golden Morn and bread.

This one requires a bit of tact though. You need to add a lot of Milo and milk so it feels like you are eating bread and tea. Honestly, it slaps.

I promise you, this is not weird. Here is an appropriate list of Weird Food Combinations That Nigerians Actually Love



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