9 in every 10 Zikoko article has a ridiculously hilarious meme, curated from Nollywood movies, comedy skits and your favorite politician’s bad behaviour.

Case in point:

Memes mean a lot to us, but I’m pretty sure they mean a lot to anyone who uses the internet for anything at all. 

Imagine a world where all the most hilarious Nigerian and African memes on the internet can be found? Movies and social media have given us some of the most hilarious memes and gifs back-to-back. From fainting governors to Sola Sobowale’s deadly expressions on King of Boys. What if you could find these hilarious African memes in one place?

The devil works hard but the Zikoko team works harder. We went to work with some brilliant people and created memes.zikoko.com

Here’s how it started:

It started ironically or not so ironically on April 1 with a tweet, this tweet. 

Trust our loyal, salary-paying oga to be down for it. 

Since it was Kachi’s tweet that really ignited the project into process, I asked him what the whole idea for it was and here was what he said: 

I’ve seen different people talk about how they save memes. Some people add them to bookmarks, some have special albums on their phones where they keep them. I just thought it’d be cool if we had one central place where all the memes were

– Kachi

If you do a Google image search for a Nigerian meme, most of the results you’ll find will be connected to a Zikoko article.

In other words, you’re welcome.

So with a couple of wonderful, hardworking tech bros (Kachi, OJ and Timi) and the amazing Zikoko tech team, we got to work and built this wonderful bank, library, resource — whatever you want to call it.

Here’s how it works:

Whether it’s for gbas gbos on Twitter, for responding to your Mother’s WhatsApp BCs or for shooting your shot, you can now find and download all your favourite Nigerian memes on memes.zikoko.com at absolutely no cost at all.

The best part

You know the best part? You can also upload your favourite memes on the site, so we can help each other, rest and save ourselves from memes that are not an accurate representation of the Nigerian and African experience.

Watch the announcement video below:



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