Being Nigerian  is a lot of things, both good and bad, at the same time. It is about feeling pride in the Nigerian people, culture, music and cuisine but being ashamed of the Nigerian government and other bad things about the country. We brought you the memes that perfectly describes how it feels to be Nigerian at various points in time.

1. When you lie to your parents about your results

2. When the Nigerian police “invite” you to the station

3. The Nigerian government every three minutes:

4. When your student department association asks how you spent the money for social night

5. When PHCN takes the light while you were ironing cloth for your interview

6. What your Nigerian parents think will happen if you travel to the village for Christmas

7. When the Nigerian government sees a successful startup

8. When your fiance who has a blue passport is mad at you

9. When the government announces another bad policy.

10. But last last,

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