A great event is characterised by the food, music, cliques, vibes and variety of outfits. These and lots more were what the just concluded HERtitude event was about. The ambience was vibrant, radiating excitement, fun and the I’m-about to-let-go-of-any-home-training-I-came-here-with energy.

The event was packed with activities including a fashion show, twerking competition, speed friendship, sip and paint, candle making, massage sessions, board games and karaoke, awakening the adventurer in all the hot ladies present. The fashion show was top on our list of exciting activities as we saw budding models on the runway — you’d think it was Lagos Fashion Week. Amidst all of that fun, trust gomoney to do their thing — cheering the hot babes and dishing out gifts to winners at the end of the fashion show. 

Then there was the speed friendship session; ladies were caught in action, exchanging numbers. Whoever said ladies are not super friendly to each other? Well, the hot babes at HERtitude 2023 were, and we are pretty sure every lady present made one hot friend! 

We weren’t playing around when we said, “Every woman deserves a break”. gomoney made this more remarkable by giving the hot ladies a well-deserved pampering. From free meal tickets to care boxes and other goodies, this is one event that would live rent-free in the ladies’ minds.

You thought we were going to end it here without mentioning the music? You know what they say about how music brings people together? HERtitude 2023 was no different. Save the karaoke, the DJ filled the air with a mix of electrifying beats and infectious melodies, and the dance floor was filled with energy from all the hot babes who came prepared. From old-school classics to modern hits, the music transcended generations, creating an atmosphere of absolute bliss.

HERtitude by Zikoko was just perfect for the hot babes in Lagos to unwind, recharge and take care of themselves. It was also a cheerful reminder that self-love is important and ladies should prioritise their well-being. It was a day filled with unforgettable moments and fun times. The hot babes unleashed their inner warriors and found solace on the dance floor. They found new sisters and created memories — one that wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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