There is virtue in cultivating a saving habit because the worst money decision comes when one is under pressure, does not have a budget or doesn’t have money saved up for a specific goal or investment but my worst fear is the latter- not having money saved up, the thought alone sends a cold chill down my spine. What I know as saving today started when I was little, listening to my grandmother’s tales of how people stored money in pots and buried them in the ground and watching my own mother take out a fraction of her income to her secret safe within the house. She made me promise not to tell my father, giggling. Those stories and memories formed a great part of my saving journey.

My savings journey, where can I start from? Is it the number of times I had to enter the bank in a month to save or the long queues accompanied by the discomfort of standing for hours in the bank just to access my hard-earned money because that was the only option some few years back? My joy knew no bounds when savings moved from those long hours of discomfort to automating my savings from the comfort of my house thanks to the influx of digital banks. To be honest, at first, I was a bit sceptical but all my fears were allayed when I started using gomoney.

How this digital bank has saved me is something I enjoy talking about. I have been able to keep track of my money and make smart money decisions. Nowadays everybody wants to spend and save their money at the same time which is possible if you have the proper saving plan, and the digital bank makes that possible. I can set money goals and save according to my different needs and purposes in multiple stashes. In other words, I can have a stash for a travel goal with a savings target of one million naira and also have a stash for a change of wardrobe, laptop, emergency fund etc. This way I stay disciplined and avoid impulsive spending.

Saving doesn’t have to be boring and enormous, I can automate my savings as well as set up recurring payments to my created stash which gives me a higher chance of meeting my goals and target. There is also the option to stop saving on a set custom stop date or when my savings target is met.  

Maybe adulthood is a scam and you will most likely keep pledging allegiance to that line anytime you are faced with enormous bills or you went a bit overboard in your monthly spending but the fact still remains that If you don’t know how to manage your money well, you would probably feel anxious and overwhelmed when you think about spending or saving money.

As you work and earn your money, always remember that impulsive spending will always come knocking reminding you that money is meant to be spent, don’t panic, it’s just a gentle reminder that you can spend and save smartly with gomoney.

Start your journey to financial freedom today by downloading the gomoney app via the Play store or App Store.



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