Given how Unilorin students talk about their school, you’d think they don’t flirt. But thank God for this tweet by @HabeebahKareem, we can tell you confidently that Unilorin students are quite versed in the game of flirting. Take a leaf from them and don’t leave the love of your life.

1. In Unilorin, a car gives you 10 extra points in the flirting game. But if you have extra N50 to pay in a korope ride, you are quite the perfect gentleman.

2. You can try the religious approach, Alfa Mujeeb.

3. Good old whining also works.

4. If you have fornication in mind, here’s something for you.

5. The good Samaritan approach, but low key you know what you’re after.

6. Have we mentioned night class? That one is a sure banker. At 3am when everywhere is mortuary cold, you will sneak out to kiss in the dark like Koto Aye witches.

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7. Engineering boys and motion ground photographers.

8. With extra rice, extra plantain, extra chicken with coleslaw. You don go.

9. Whatever the question is, being a Law student is the answer.

10. The people of Zamfara and Abuja girls hostel have left the group chat.

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