Are you a Unilorin student with no idea of what to do this Valentine’s day? Don’t panic. That’s why we are here for you. We have brought you correct prophecies, wonderful love tips, even food hacks. What’s a Valentine’s Day idea that we can’t provide? Settle down and hear what we have to offer.

1. You and your bae, both of you should go to ShopRite.

shoprite ilorin during valentine's day

Buy bread to eat beans with, Ariel soap to wash your student tag, and Supreme Ice Cream that you will sit down outside and lick. Or you can just be pushing yourselves around inside the trolley. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, Unilorin version.

2. Or Dominos and Coldstone, if ShopRite is too razz for you.

 COLDSTONE creamery, Ilorin during valentine's day

We know that you always lie to collect extra money from your parents. Why not spend it here? You’ll get the full worth of your money, and your lover will love you more.

3. You can also see a movie at Viva.

viva cinemas ilorin during valentine's day

Fun tip: Sellotape bread to your partner’s body and ask her to wear a big sweater on top. Tie stew inside black nylon and keep it in your head warmer. These are places nobody checks. Enter that cinema and eat your bread and stew in peace. Movie date + dinner night. The greatest.

4. You can buy Item 7 with extra rice, extra chicken, extra plantain and coleslaw.

item 7 ilorin during valentine's day

Then you will take it to your hostel and watch a movie on your laptop. Valentine’s Day dinnor pass that one.

5. Don’t forget the Chicken Republic at Tanke Junction.

chicken republic tanke ilorin during valentine's day

They always have a Refuel Combo that will not tear your pocket.

6. Or Succoth Gardens and Water View.

waterview ilorin during valentine's day

Especially if you want to plan your future together. Just carry home cooked food and wrapper that you will spread on the grass. Spend Valentine with nature.

7. You can also visit Charcoal at Tanke Junction.

charcoal restaurant ilorin during valentine's day

This place is quite new, and so beautiful. And they won’t charge you for ambience.

8. Because it’s Friday, you can also visit the central mosque on campus.

unilorin mosque during valentine's day

This is where you know if your partner is a demon sent to ruin your life.

10. Or Chapel of the Light.

chapel of the light, university of ilorin

The heavenly race your mates are running, is it not more important than Valentine?

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