The race is on. It’s operation “Find love before Valentine’s Day”. Whether you intend to do that by entering someone else’s relationship isn’t the focus today. The focus is making sure your Valentine is a corporate girlie for these key reasons. 

You won’t need to go over the top

She’ll be at work on Valentine’s Day, so no need to worry about spending the day at a resort or any crazy thing like that. What about after work, you ask? Traffic and the stress of capitalism will mean all she wants to do is sleep. Same applies to the weekend. Just get her a gift box and call it a day.

Or break the bank

She’ll appreciate anything you give her because she’s working class; she knows what it means to collect salary today and go broke the next.

You can easily be intentional with your gifts

Why buy a corporate girlie flowers when you can gift her a keg of fuel or bag of rice, and she’ll love you forever?

Behold our Valentine Special

We brought back three couples we interviewed in 2019 to share how their relationships have evolved in the last five years. This is the first episode:

You’ll get a gift too

One thing about corporate girlies is they aren’t stingy. Even if it’s singlet and boxers they can afford, best believe you’ll get something.

You can cheat in peace

Another good thing about her having to work on Valentine’s Day is you’ll have the time to take your other babes out. The “C” in corporate girlie stands for “considerate”. They just want to see other babes win too.

They won’t have time to cheat

The fact that she even has time to date you with all she has going on is commendable. If she ever gets tired of your cheating ass, she won’t even bother to do you back. She’ll just leave.

You’ll level up by force 

How would you be with a corporate girlie and you aren’t killing it in your own field too? They aren’t about the mediocre life. So beyond Valentine’s Day, you’ll definitely level up or go home.

In case your corporate girlie search doesn’t work out, you can always make your boss your Valentine and try these gift options: 8 Totally Appropriate Things to Gift Your Boss for Valentine’s Day



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