The reason why you don’t have a Valentine is because you spend all your time at work, and your social life is in the mud. It doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festivities, though. Ever thought about making your boss your Valentine? These eight gift ideas are totally appropriate — or not.

Ask them to hold on to your salary

But specify that it’s just your February salary o. You don’t want them thinking you want to start working for the “passion”.

Your life

What says employee loyalty like actually giving your life for your boss? You can even add your blood as bonus, since they’re always asking for it.

Actually do your work 

A whole day when you actually do your work without getting lost in TikToks or Twitter? That’s a very valuable gift if you ask me.

A mug

Personalise it so they know how you really feel about them. They’d love it, trust me.

A list of coworkers

So they can remember everyone they employed and see that it’s okay to give others work too.

Resign, but make it fancy

Before you go, “How is this a gift?” hear me out. You already plan to quit via email, so why not do it with a cake on Valentine’s Day? That way, they won’t cry on an empty stomach.

Praise them on LinkedIn

Because saying sweet things about your company or boss on LinkedIn is the corporate version of love letters. 

Propose to them

Chances are you’ve already fallen in love with them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take it a notch higher. Ask them to marry you. It’s either they say yes or they fire you. At least, you have a 50% chance of success.

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