It’s finally salary week!  If you count a few more days, you’ll land right on February 14, AKA Valentine’s Day. While a fancy dinner, romantic getaway and customised gift box may seem like well thought-out ideas, we can’t say they reflect the pressing needs of the average Nigerian at the moment. 

Everywhere choke, and people are going through it. But these items might make life a little easier for the people you hold dear. 


7 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nigerians Right now

Rice is the most consumed staple in Nigerian households, so you know there’s a problem when a paint bucket sells for as high as ₦6000. The LOYL may not ask for it, but they’ll appreciate a bag of rice better than that customised mug you’re discussing with a printer right now.


Everyone with a car or generator has been going through it since Tinubu yanked off fuel subsidy. Your loved ones could use that 25 litres of fuel or you can just offer to fill up their tank. 

Medical supplies 

7 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nigerians Right now

Drug prices have joined the inflation race, and prices have shot up since the exit of pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKline. If you’ve got loved ones on life-long medications, chances are they can use some help offsetting their bills right now. 


7 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nigerians Right now

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you can present the dollar bills as a money cake or rolled up in a gift box. Either way, you’ll be making the person smile to the bank, and every Nigerian can use that right now. 

A grocery gift card 

7 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nigerians Right now

Food items are also in the inflation race. Everything has doubled in price, and there’s no guarantee you’ll meet the same price at your next grocery run. So, do you see why the LOYL will appreciate a gift card to stock up on supplies?

A CV revamp for international gigs

If your partner isn’t complaining about being underpaid by a Nigerian employer, you probably know a friend or relative who is. Now how can you come through for them with thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts? Pay for a CV revamp that’ll land them dollar-paying international gigs.

Rechargeable fans

A heatwave is depriving people of quality sleep right now. Even if your loved ones aren’t saying it to you, they’re tired of using dusting powder. Unfortunately, it’s not the best time to purchase electronic appliances in Nigeria thanks to inflation. Come through for your people with that rechargeable fan. 

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