Being unmarried is not even the top five worst things in the world, but when you’re the only unmarried friend, it just might be. I highlighted nine of the most difficult things you’ll relate to.  

You have more aso ebi than you need

If you’re unlucky enough to have been friends before they started getting married, get ready to buy more aso ebi than you’ll ever need. You can’t stop buying because your friend’s wedding means a lot to them and you want to help them celebrate in whatever way you can. The more friends you have, the more aso ebi you’ll have to buy.

Friends use their spouses as excuses to miss hangouts

Instead of saying they won’t be able to attend an event with their chest, they start lying by using their partner’s name: my husband this, my wife that. You can see through it, but let it slide. Wahala for people wey no get marriage certificate. 

Newly married friends don’t take your romantic relationships seriously

Because you’re not married, they start acting like you’re wasting your time with every new relationship you get into. Sure the relationship might not last more than a few months, but are they sure their marriages will? 

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Your friends assume you’re more emotionally available 

As if you don’t have other things to spend your time doing. You just can’t sit down for hours and listen to them go on and on about their life. 

Your advice no longer holds water

Even worse is when you try to give them helpful advice and they tell you, “You won’t understand.” Next time they come to you, use a shoe to stone them. Being the unmarried friend doesn’t mean you don’t have sense. 

You may disagree more with your married friends 

You’re at different phases in your lives, and it means your experiences are now different. It may lead to a lot more friction than there was before. Some may demand more from you than you’re willing to give, and vice versa.

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They keep telling you to get married 

After dodging the marriage questions and suggestions from family members, you’ll now enter your friend Whatsapp group and face the same thing from friends. They go on and on about marital bliss, and frankly, you’re tired of it. Even if you want to get married,  the pressure is too much. Let everybody rest, please!

They’re always trying to hook you up with their other unmarried friends

At this point, you have to question your friends’ tastes or if they even know you at all. They just pick any random unmarried person and try to join you in holy matrimony, as if being single means you have no standards. Abeg abeg. 

You’re the only one still invested in the friendships 

Married friends may stop prioritising your friendship as much. Sure, their new family is important, but it often feels like you’re the only one putting in any effort in the friendships. You just want them to be able to try to reciprocate your energy. Is that too much to ask?

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