Granted, the Nigerian government owes a shit-ton of people a shit-ton of money. Your employers probably also owe you at work, but none of this compares to the feeling of living, copulating, and doing life with a renowned onigbese that owes everybody around them money. 

It’ll be okay, though; we know exactly how you should handle it.

Collect your money small small

Congratulations to you, you fell in love and became a payment plan. Sometimes, the only way to deal with the shame and pay the people your partner owes is by tricking the love of your life, taking their money, and paying their debt little by little.

Report them to their olubawi

What do you do after your partner has been dragged on the internet, your good name has been tarnished, and someone’s begged you to beg your partner to pay them for the fifth time in a row? Take the matter to their family house and table it there. You’re not the first person to fall in love. But if the olubawi and your partner share the same brain cell, then our sincere apologies because nothing will change.

Shame them

Anyone who owes another person has no shame. But for your sake, we hope shaming them works and your LOML feels motivated enough to pay their debt. 

Get a savings account

This savings account won’t be taking you away from poverty, but from the shame, disgrace, and ridicule you got yourself into when you decide to fall in love with a chronic onigbese.  Why? you’ll need the money in there to pay off some,if not all, of their debt.

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Embrace sapa with all your heart

You? Have money? God forbid. As far as your sugar plum is concerned, you’re now 

perpetually resting in the arms of negative account balances and zero funds.

Leave them

Everyone and their daddy can be owing you outside, but you deserve to have a little peace in your house. So, if you can, we suggest you leave your partner before they stop staining your white and fully drag you into the mud.

Become two onigbeses in a pod

If you can’t beat them, you join them. This way, you and the love of your life can become an onigbese couple: Loved by none and shamed by many.

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