For the people whose best friends are their soulmates, here are some of the struggles you deal with regularly. 

Fight dating rumours every second 

Every two to three business days, someone and their family member assumes you and your best friend are dating. You’ve told them it’s not true, but they simply don’t believe friends can be soulmates but also platonic. 

Can’t be sneaky around them

There’s nothing you can hide from them because it feels like they can read your mind. You might say one thing, but they know you really mean another. Tough stuff. 

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Dating is hard 

A lot of partners will feel threatened by the relationship you have with your best friend. Sometimes, reassurance is not enough, and they leave. But at least, your best friend is available as a shoulder for you to cry on. 

Hard to have other friends

If you’re part of a friend group, the other members might feel left out because of how close the two of you are. If you’re not, you might find it difficult to navigate friendships with other people because you have everything you need in one person.

You get addressed as one person instead of two 

People stop addressing both of you as separate individuals, but as different parts of a whole. The pronoun “you” becomes plural because it refers to both of you. 

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You consider nurturing life with them

Might be a child, lamb, or plant, but you constantly look at them and have the desire to nurture life with them. It seems like a new way to express the love in your friendship. 

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