Open relationship is really not for everybody. Before you try it and end up in the hospital treating a broken heart, maybe you should consider these things.

Is there actually space in your relationship? 

Find out if there’s actually space in the relationship. Are you opening it because both of you want it? Or because you’re scared you’d lose your partner? If there’s no space, better leave it closed. 

Your partner may pull more people than you

It’s quite possible that your partner will attract more people than you. You’re dating them because they have amazing qualities, abi? People might want to get in on that. 

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Rules and regulations 

Open relationships have rules which help to define the structure of your relationship. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner on things they’re allowed and not allowed to do, and make a list of things that can potentially cause chest pain. If the list is too long, better leave your relationship closed. Don’t bring unnecessary sufferhead upon yourself. 

It won’t solve cheating 

A cheat will cheat even if they are dating everyone in the world. If you want to open it because one party keeps cheating, don’t bother. 

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Communicate like your life depends on it

It’s so easy to have misunderstandings and petty squabbles when there are more people involved. You’ll need to be patient enough to break down all the information until all parties understand. If you don’t have that much patience, better stay where you are. 

Can your bank account handle it?

If you’re barely able to handle the financial commitment that comes with dating one person, how much more multiple people? You want to be paying for transportation and housing for many people? Do you want your account to wreck? 

Can you go back to the streets?

You’re already used to the dynamic you and your partner have. Do you have what it takes to go back into the streets and start again with someone new? Ah abeg.

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