Being a bad bitch is difficult enough, but dating one? You need grace, strength and willpower. Another thing you need is this list, in which we break down eight extremely important things you need to know before you date a bad bitch. 

Avoid her comments section

If you don’t heed our advice, you might not be able to eat properly for the next couple of days. It’s not because she’s flirting or anything, but the amount of people openly saying they don’t care if she’s in a relationship? It’s enough to instil the fear of God into your heart. If you weren’t someone who prayed before, better start now. 

Remind yourself she chose you 

Out of all the other people throwing themselves at her, you’re who she calls home. You’ve seen her at her worst, so be calm. If you feel anyhow, beat your chest three times and dust it off. 

Believe in your sauce

You can’t be with a bad bitch if you have low self-esteem. People will try to disrespect you to her face or belittle you. Sure, she shuts it down immediately, but new people will try again. You need to believe you’re also the prize. Their dads. 

Learn photography

One thing about a bad bitch is she’ll look hot 24/7, and she has to document her beauty. Sure, your relationship should be built on love and trust, but your ability to take fire pictures could make or mar your relationship. Better go and enrol in photography school. 

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Jealousy is fine

It’s alright to be jealous because of the calibre of people moving to her, but what matters is how you behave. Don’t go and do anything stupid before you lose your bad bitch, because you may never recover. 

Make money

She might not ask, but the urge to spend on her increases every single time you look at her face. You think being a bad bitch is cheap? It’s not, and your pockets will suffer. 

She needs time with the girls

Every bad bitch needs to recharge with her girls. It’s where they top up their bad bitchery. There might be a lot of alcohol and drunk texts of her telling you how she wants to tear your clothes, but don’t worry, she’d probably fall asleep in an hour. 

Embrace her weirdness 

All bad bitches have a very weird trait you’d see once you’re close to them. Either their stomach behaves like an opp 23/6 or they eat weird food combinations. Whatever the behaviour, just prepare for high levels of exposure to it. You think dating a bad bitch is easy? 

People will spend double your salary on her in a day 

One thing bad bitches attract is people with money. So don’t be surprised if there are people spending your one-month salary on her head. Look at it this way, it helps you save your own for other things. Plus, anything they buy for her is technically for both of you. Yes, even her Dior bag. Better borrow it.

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