Is your lover in a bit of a situation? Are their enemies chasing them left, right and centre and you don’t know what to do? Worry no more, we’re here to help. 

Here’s a list of things to do when your lover has enemies.

1. Relocate

They’re the ones with enemies, not you. Better relocate before the enemies find a way to your house and collect what’s not lost from sorry. Apologies to your lover o, but long-distance relationships still work

2. Send the name of their haters to your Babalawo

The situation is bigger than you and your lover. Take the names of their enemies to Babalawo, let the Babalawo do whatever needs to be done to set your lover free. 

3. Send 100k to their enemies 

We didn’t say 100k money o, it can be 100k stones or 100k cotton wool, that’s up to you to decide. Send them 100k pieces of anything that’s not money. That would be more than enough to keep busy and take their attention off the person you love. 

4. Become your lovers enemy 

Love is sweeter when you’re chasing someone. If you become your lover’s enemy, you’ll be on their mind 24/7 the same way they keep thinking about their other enemies. 

5. Break up with them 

You have no business frolicking with someone with enemies. Break up with them for your peace of mind. Let them go and deal with their enemies themselves. 

6. Tear shirt and fight for them

What’s a greater form of love than fighting for the one you love? Tear your shirt and fight their enemies for them. 

7. Send your lover’s name to a Babalawo

Sending the name of their enemies to a Babalawo is one thing o, but sending the name of your lover to a Babalawo is the most important thing for you. You need the Babalawo to look into the future to see who wins between them and their enemies.  

8. Vanish

Just stand under the sun or under the moon till you vanish. Wetin concern you with enemies? 

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