1. When a Nollywood film has not shown a babalawo in 15 minutes.

Na wa.

2. How all Nollywood babalawos look:

All of them.

3. The Nollywood babalawo starter pack:

All of them.

4. When they start using their calabash to skype.

Oshey Wi-Fi!

5. When the babalawo that wants to do money ritual is living in an uncompleted building


6. Nollywood babalawos and red cloth.

Red everywhere!

7. When they paint one eye with white chalk.

Paint the two na.

8. When they ask for the egg of a virgin mosquito.

Just say you don’t want to help.

9. When they must do that evil laugh before answering you.

What is funny?

10. When the babalawo says go and sleep with a mad woman.

See this one.

11. When the person uses the babalawo’s charm the wrong way and runs mad.

Just like that?

12. Nollywood babalawos, when they see a pastor.



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