So your man is cheating, but you want to remain with him and don’t know how to do it? Never fear, here is the Zikoko guide to staying with a cheating man.

1) Take it to God in prayer

Ask God to give you the grace to continue in the marriage. There is nothing God cannot do, including making his penis fall off. Constant prayer might even lead to his penis being stolen every time he wants to cheat. The man is what is more important, there are many penises in the sea.

2) Be friends with his mistresses

A happy home is a healthy home and all parts of the home should be accounted for, including the mistresses. They say to keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer, so what better way to keep your enemies closer than to unionize with them to overthrow the source of your stress? Unions work.

3) Give him children

It is possible the reason he is able to cheat is because there are not enough children in the house to take his attention. We all know busy fathers do not have time to cheat, so start giving him children. The children do not even have to be his biologically, but the point is to give them to him. 

4) Cheat back

If you are too busy planning your next dick appointment, you will not have time to worry about what he is doing. However they want to look at it, Ojoro cancels ojoro and the marriage becomes peaceful.

5) Be the source of his peace

The only ultimate source of peace is death, so for him to attain true peace RIP that man. 

6) Tap into your divine feminine energy

When you have fully realised yourself as a divine feminine, things like cheating will be beneath you. Ascend and become the woman you were meant to be.

7) Be matured about it

Only mature women can really hack how to stay with a cheating man. When you mature like corn that is ready to be roasted, the ability to stay with your man will only come naturally. Matured women know that it one penis forever

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