If you are searching for love, then here are six tips to help you update your media in a way that will get the attention of prospective partners and help your love life.

1) It should be a personal picture

Why will you do yourself the disservice of posting a group picture? Imagine your crush sees the picture and starts asking for “the friend in the green shirt” while you are wearing a white shirt. Do not let your village people win this fight. If you are searching for love, do not update your media with group pictures.

2) Let your poses be creative

When you are choosing the pictures to post, look for the ones with the most creative settings and poses. You are an entertainer, show us the stuff that you are made of.

Something like this will really blow your crush away

3) Use creative captions

You need a caption that will provoke emotion, that will get the people moving and thinking thoughts. This is your chance to show them that the reason Shakespeare has not been writing sonnets anymore is because you have put him out of business.

4) Angles

You need a picture that lays emphasis on your best features, so you can start the razzle dazzle immediately. Let them be blinded by your smile dear.

5) A picture you feel good about

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure it is a picture that makes you feel good about yourself. Why? Because you are the baddest to ever do it.

6) Use the right hashtag

Upload your picture with the hashtag #ZikokoLoveLifeChallenge. How else is your crush supposed to notice you if you are not using the hashtag to declare that you how viciously single you are, and that you are searching for love?

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