Nobody enjoys fighting with their friends, but conflicts are bound to happen. We asked these six Nigerians about the biggest fights they’ve had with their friends, and here’s what they had to say. 

“She made fun of my mental health”

A friend’s friend saw a picture of me and liked me, so he asked her to introduce us, which she did. When we started talking, he constantly emotionally and verbally abused me, and whenever I blocked him, she came back to beg me that he had changed. Because I didn’t want to lose her as a friend, I accepted him back. 

One day, I was going through my WhatsApp stories on my second phone and I saw a post of her making fun of my mental health with her friends. She had blocked my main number and forgotten to block the second one. Seeing that made me cry.

When I confronted her, she blocked me because she didn’t want any bad vibes. That was the end of the friendship. A few months after, she messaged me to say she wants to make peace. Apparently, her pastor told her not to hold grudges. I didn’t answer her. 


“I couldn’t eat for a week” 

Last year, one foolish boy raped one of my acquaintances. My friends and I were super pissed and trauma-bonding when one of them mentioned that a guy said something like, “Why won’t they rape her when she’s wearing that kind of dress?.” I get that she was annoyed, but then she proceeded to say that they’ll rape the guy’s mother and sister too.  

I was so triggered. I started crying and shaking. She couldn’t just say something like that.  To her, if he could say that about someone, then she could also say it about his female family. It escalated and we were yelling in the hostel. We were pointing at each other and shouting.  We didn’t talk for a week after that, and I didn’t eat at all. I can’t eat when I’m sad. 


“She slept with my girlfriend” 

My first relationship was long-distance. The babe and I were in different universities in different states. I had this female friend who stayed very close to my girlfriend’s house. She’d help with plan surprises and gifts as well as help me make sure my girlfriend was well taken care of. 

Somewhere along the line, I found out that when I asked her to help me take care of my girlfriend, she took her job too seriously. She was sleeping with my girlfriend and when I confronted her about it, she said, “Would you rather it was someone outside?” I blocked both her and the girlfriend and last I heard from them, they were dating. 


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“I didn’t help her how she needed” 

My friend had a very stressful exam week. When she   wrote one exam and it didn’t go how she wanted, she drove directly to me to share that with me. Instead of asking her what she needed from me, I immediately tried finding solutions to the problem and she did not like that at all. She put up with it for a bit before telling me to get out of her car and then she drove off. I was confused for a hot minute because this person is one of my closest friends. 

After she cooled down, she sent me a message telling me why she was angry, but also apologised for her reaction. I apologised too for not understanding what she needed and we worked out how to approach it next time. She’s my ride or die. 


“He cheated on my sister”

My younger sister is basically the only family I have left. She means the world to me and all my friends know that. She lived at my place and I acted like a stereotypical older brother, but everyone has come to make their peace with it. I had this friend who came over often. We’d play games and just chill. I noticed that whenever he came around, my sister would try to dress nicer or just find an excuse to be with us in the room. When I asked her about it, she told me it was nothing. Fast forward two months and I find out they’re dating. I was upset they didn’t mention it to me, but my sister was 20 and this guy was a cool guy. I didn’t have any reason to believe he’d do rubbish. They even moved in together after a while and my sister seemed happy. 

A year and some months after they started dating, my sister called me one random day to tell me to come to pick her up from his place. Turns out he had been cheating on her for a while. After I dropped her off at my house, I went back to his place to give him a piece of my mind. We fought and I made sure I left him with some bruises. When I got home, I cut off all communication with him. You don’t make my family cry and think we can still be friends. 


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“He applied for the job I wanted and got it”

My friend and I got into a fight when he applied for my dream job. I had been mentioning to him that it was a place I saw myself working for a long time as well as growing in my field. 

When they announced they were hiring, I told him I was going to apply and he kept encouraging me to. We even reviewed my CV and prepared my points for the interview together. When the interview was done, he was the first person I called to tell about it. Unfortunately, the company emailed to tell me that I wasn’t being selected for the position. I was so sad. He called constantly to check up on me and even sent me lunch. 

About two months later, a mutual friend texted me to tell me congratulations concerning my best friend’s new job. Apparently, he had been posting about working at the company I wanted and blocked me from viewing the story on Whatsapp. When I confronted him, he told me he needed the money, and didn’t plan to hurt me. I told him he lied and that if he could do that to me, he could kill me. It’s been three years since it happened, and we’ve not been able to talk since then. 





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