There has been a constant debate about having spit in your mouth during sex. So, we asked some Nigerians to share with us how it felt the first time someone spat in their mouth during sex.

Lolade, 21

The first time someone spat in my mouth was also the first time I had sex. I was very innocent then and didn’t even know spitting in people’s mouths was a thing. It was in the heat of the moment and he spat in my mouth then slapped me. It was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced up to that point.

Fred, 22

It’s something I’ve always wanted to try because I saw it in porn before. I did it because I asked him to, and he didn’t even ask any questions, just did it. I think it is sexy as hell, and I’d definitely do it again.

Amaka, 25

The first time someone spat in my mouth was absolutely terrible. I had been seeing people talk about it so when he mentioned wanting to try it, I agreed. I had been trying to spice up my sex life, so I felt that was a good opportunity. When he grabbed my face and spat in my mouth, I had my eyes closed. It was only when I felt the kelebe in my mouth I opened them. I ran to the toilet to spit it out, and I couldn’t even speak to him. I just wore my clothes and went home. Ever since then, I have been too traumatised to try it again.

Anita, 25

I used to think the idea of having someone spit in your mouth was disgusting, but slowly I found myself loosening up to the idea. The next thought I had was who would I even try it with? There wasn’t anyone that interesting. That was until I met this man. It was great sex and one day we were making out in his house and he goes “would you let me spit in your mouth and then kiss me afterwards?” When I agreed, he told me to say “ahhh” and he spat in my mouth and we proceeded to continue kissing. It was very erotic. I felt it in my vagina.

Aminat, 23

Something I enjoyed about it was how perfectly it was timed. I was in subspace

and in the middle of getting face fucked, so it was perfect. I typically don’t mention it to people who aren’t into kink as well because I don’t want anyone to ruin it for me.

Yinka, 24

I saw a video of someone having spit in their mouth on one of those Twitter sex accounts and told my then boyfriend to do it. It was slow and we kissed immediately after while we were having sex. It was hot. The next time someone spat in my mouth, it was not as sensual. He spat in a way that was different from the first guy. The first was like we were lovers. The second was more like someone I should not be fucking. Both were hot, just in their own way. Now, I ask my sexual partners to spit in my mouth, but only if they’re comfortable doing it.

Tunde, 29

There was this girl I was casually seeing. The first time we had sex, she grabbed my face and told me she was going to spit in my mouth. I feel like if someone had asked me the question on the road, I’d have said no. However, she was not someone, and she was half-naked on top of me. I agreed and after she spat in my mouth, she kissed me after. It was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced. She’s the only one of my sexual partners I let do it, so I want to believe it’s not something I would try ordinarily, just with her.

Gbemi, 23

There was this boy who I liked early last year and he loved sprite a lot. When we would make out, he’d taste like sprite. We were fucking one night and I just told him to spit in my mouth. We were both confused for like 5 seconds, but he did and it tasted so good. That’s how a spit loving demon was born. I’d always beg him to spit in my mouth and from there we moved to spitting on my face. When we ended things and I got a boyfriend, I made him do that to me too. So far, I have asked only three people. I guess it depends on how much I like the person. I won’t say it’s a requirement for good sex, but it definitely spices it up a lot for me.

Zainab, 20

I considered the idea of someone spitting in my mouth disgusting. I didn’t even like how my own spit felt sometimes, so how would the spit of someone else be appealing. Then, I actually started thinking about it. If I kiss someone, their saliva is already in my mouth, so what made kissing so bad? The first time someone spat in my mouth, he was having sprite. When I asked him to give me some, he told me to open my mouth. Him spitting in my mouth definitely changed my resolve. I wanted more. He started giving me drinks bird style, and then I upgraded to actual spit.

Jane, 23

I was having really good and heated sex with this woman and it happened in one of those moments when I wasn’t reasoning properly anymore. That’s why I didn’t realise when I told her to spit in my mouth. It wasn’t gross at all, just slow and sensual. Afterwards, I was really shocked at myself because it was never something I would have thought I’d do, but I will most likely do it again.




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