There’s nothing as enjoyable as spoken word poetry in this life. Imagine how it must feel to have someone articulate what you feel and even take you to a different place. See ehn, it’s unfortunate, but lot of people will die without experiencing all the best things life has to offer. It’s just how the world is.

But if there’s one thing you should not miss, it is the eargasm that comes from spoken word poetry.

If you have ever listened to spoken word poetry, then you’ll get what we are saying. And if you have not, it might be time to hop on the train.

1. When you see the title and you know that your emotions are about to take a hit.

Spoken Word Poetry

Yes, I am ready. I have been ready ALL my life!

2. How you react when the poet’s voice touches the core of your soul.

Hook it!

3. When it makes you realise a new truth about yourself and the world you live in.

*teary salute of intense appreciation*

4. You, vibing along with everything being said.

Spoken Word Poetry

Yes, that’s right! Keep it coming. Keep it coming! It is tonic for my soul.

5. How you feel when the poem ends.

Spoken Word Poetry

So you listen again, and again, and again. Because spoken word poetry is God’s divine gift to man and who are we to say no to such a gift we do not deserve?

Spoken Word Poetry

This, right here, is God’s gift coming to you in the form of spoken word poetry. The poet’s adulation of God is something that will leave you in awe of God and His magnificence. There’s no way we can make this up. Stream call to God by Ibobo and feel the same power we felt.

Trust us, it is an experience your entire body will thank you for.

Here’s the link to stream: Call to God.


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