Honestly, what’s more wholesome than a good K-drama? Exactly, nothing. Instead of fretting about how old your parents are or complaining about which one was absent, take some time to make good memories with them by sharing the joy of a good family movie. Here are my top recommendations.

The Handmaiden

You don’t want to over-excite them as they grow older, so start on an easy note with the Handmaiden. It’s a simple movie about a wealthy heiress, Lady Hideko, who reads books to old, totally not-insane men, her fiance, Count Fujiwara, who is totally not a con artist and her trusty maid who may or may not be working with the con artists. I mean, what could go wrong?  The Handmaiden is the perfect parent-child bonding movie. But if any sex scene magically appears, you can pretend to look away while your parent(s) pick up calls from nowhere. 

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Watch this one, especially with your mum, so that when she prays for you to find love, she can come correct with reference. Nevertheless is about sweetheart Park Jae-Eon, an art major who usually doesn’t do relationships but falls for the female lead Yoo Na-Bi in seconds. Everyone loves romance, and when you sigh during all the 100 cuddling scenes, your mum will find it cute and not start a whole lecture about how you need to find your partner.  


Your parents will eat this one up with all the Nollywood movies about badass female characters. Who doesn’t like to see a powerful woman fight the men who destroyed her family,has a side-fling with a married man, is cold-hearted for fun and an all-around badass? Nigerian parents love these types of movies. 

The World of the Married

A drama about unearthing family secrets? That’s every Nigerian parent’s favourite genre. You get to have a great bonding experience with your parents. Your parents also get to talk about how not all perfect-looking families are perfect inside, just like the main character Ji Seon-u’s family. And how you should be grateful that you have an ideal family inside and outside. Wow, who wouldn’t love this?

Her Private Life

This drama is about Sung Deok-Mi, a good girl with a job as a curator with a dark secret. She’s a huge fan of Shi-An, a K-pop idol, a secret that almost leaks until her boss pities her and pretends to date her, and they eventually fall in love. You can use this drama to explain to your parents that your obsession with K-drama and K-pop will‌ also help you find love like it did with Sung Deok-Mi. You’re welcome.

Love and Leashes

You can tell from the title that this will be a fun watch. Nigerian parents love keeping their kids on a leash, so watching it happen on TV should be fun. So what if the male lead likes to bark to please his Dom? If your dad asks you why they are tying someone’s child with rope, yet he doesn’t cry when they beat him. Tell him that the character is possessed, that’s why. 

Warning: if they remove you from their will, please don’t disturb us. Plus, they traumatised you first, so think of this as payback.  

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