We get it, sometimes Korean series are just too long for you to watch, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the greatness that is Korean entertainment. Here are seven of the best Korean movies you can watch on Netflix. 

Love and Leashes

Some of the best romantic K-dramas started with an office romance, and I’m glad this movie did not fail me. What happens when two coworkers find themselves in a contract-based BDSM relationship and try their hardest not to fall in love? Chaos. This movie accurately represented how kinks play out and still managed to be sweet and wholesome. The lead actors had great chemistry; the best part was that the dominant was a woman. Hard not to root for them. 

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Koreans realized that they could put multiple spins on zombie movies and haven’t stopped making them ever since. If you enjoy films like Train to Busan, this zombie thriller will hit the spot. The movie follows the life of a loner millennial video gamer who has to fight to survive after the world turns into an apocalyptic zombie nightmare. But it’s more than horror; it’s the struggle to keep hope alive even while the world burns before your eyes which is fitting since it was released in 2020. 

Wish You

For people that enjoy K-pop, Wish You is an LGBTQ romance set in the K-pop music industry that stars two actual singers in the lead roles. In Wish You, Sang Lee is a Keyboardist who falls in love with the work of a street musician played by Kang Ye Na. They spend some time working on music together, and of course, they fall in love. This cute romance will hit the spot if you enjoy movies where characters fall in love at first sight.


The Bros

The Bros is a hilarious movie about two brothers who haven’t spoken since their mother died, forced to work together to carry out traditions at their father’s funeral. Add a mix of classic sibling rivalry, a mysterious woman, family secrets and meddlesome siblings and be ready for premium entertainment. The movie is funny and heartfelt as we watch the two brothers try to fix their relationship amid the crazy situations they find themselves in.


If you’re a Bong Joon Ho fan or loved Parasite, you’ve either already seen or will enjoy this movie. It follows the life of a young girl called Mija who tries to rescue her genetically modified pig “Okja.” This gut-wrenching movie spoke about the horrors of capitalism and the brutal treatment of animals in the food industry. After seeing Okja, you might become a bit obsessive about how the food industry works, pele. 

Space Sweepers

Koreans have range, and they showed it with this sci-fi movie. Space Sweepers is set in 2092 after Earth has become nearly unlivable, and a corporation called UTS starts to build homes on mars for people that can afford it. It’s a hilarious movie about a crew of “space sweepers” who collect debris from space and sell it for money. Their lives are a mess, but it gets worse when Dorothy, a robot which belongs to UTS, stows away on their ship. At first, they try selling Dorothy to the highest bidder, but the crew falls in love with her and make it their mission to protect her. 

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

For people that love adventure, The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure fit’s the bill when you don’t want to watch something too serious. A group of thieves and their eccentric leader Wu Mu-chi are stuck in the middle of the ocean but are rescued by pirates. Both groups are after a lost royal treasure and form an unlikely alliance to find it. It’s a movie about thieves and pirates, so expect lots of deceit, hilarious scenes and romance. 

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