We know astrology is a thing, and everyone has their Leo, Gemini and Mercury in egusi drama going on. But what if we told you there’s a better way to analyse your personality?

Reliable or not, here’s what your favourite Nollywood onscreen mum says about who you are. 

Joke Silva 

Everything about you is posh, and you’re unapologetic about it. You’re nobody’s mate, and you know it. Your accent is real and natural, unlike everyone else with fake, untraceable accents. Even though some of your decisions are questionable, you still run things; things don’t run you. Plus, everyone sits up when you enter a room. 

Ngozi Ezeonu 

You’re the calm, non-judgmental person everyone can always rely on. You won’t help anyone bury a dead body, but you won’t make them feel bad they committed murder either. With you, there’s always a silver lining. 

Sola Sobowale 

Baby, you are the drama and the life of every party you attend — invited or not. The people in your life love you because you’re deeply loyal. They all know you’re the one person who can throw hands whenever they need to rack in public. You love hard, but you fight harder.

Patience Ozokwor 

People misunderstand you a lot, and honestly, it’s not fair. It’s not your fault you know what you want and always go after it — even if it’s watching someone’s downfall with glee. You’re driven and willing to do what you think is necessary, whether wrong or right. Your happiness is your priority, and you’re more than happy to unalive any obstacle in your way. I stan. 

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Onyeka Onwenu 

Your middle name is “Wisdom” because everyone is always rushing to you for advice. From struggling relationships to money wahala, you can calm anyone down even though you’re single, rich and can’t relate to their struggles. You don’t even have to say anything wise. Just your grammar (without any fake accent) and posture are enough to make people believe you’re saying the right thing. 

Shaffy Bello 

Overall best in skincare, fashion and enjoyment. Your motto is: “I can’t come and kill myself”, and you follow it religiously. If anything or anyone stresses you, you just put them in rice and distance yourself from the drama. You love being the centre of attention, so you show up to places late and leave early. You like to leave them wanting more, sho get? 

Ireti Doyle

You’re a no-nonsense person who isn’t afraid to reply everyone’s gbas with a gbos of your own. You generally avoid trouble, but you’re not scared to pound trouble and eat it with efo riro if someone brings it your way. You’re the one people come to when they want to stop being delusional and actually hear the truth because they know you won’t hold your tongue. You keep to yourself a lot, but stories of all the people you’ve shown pepper are legendary. 

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