In as much as your sense of self is made up of more than just your Zodiac sun sign, it’s still pretty important. So, here’s what your Zodiac sign says about you. 

1) Aries 

You’re a very energetic person who likes to be in control. You’re a born leader who likes getting things done in a specific way, and sometimes that might lead to you rushing headfirst into things. Abeg, try dey calm down. 

2) Taurus

There’s a stubbornness about you that stems from your unwillingness to change your opinions and views easily. You are aesthetically pleasing because you embody the feminine traits of your ruling planet, Venus. You’re also very slow to anger but when you’re angered, problem upon problem upon problem. Wahala for who wan vex you. 

3) Gemini

People constantly call you two-faced, but that one is for their pocket. When will people understand that humans are multifaceted and you just happen to show that side of yourself more? Anyway, you enjoy variety and can’t seem to sit in one place for too long, and your brain rushes through thoughts like a starving man at a buffet. But sometimes, you need to be calming down sha. You’re also very funny; anyone that says you’re not is a detty liar and they should be aware that hell is very hot. 

4) Cancer

You’re not too emotional. You just know how to process your emotions and feel the full depth of your feelings. A lot of people are constantly trying to hide how they feel, but not you. With the moon as your ruling planet, you have enough emotions for the entire Zodiac. Anyway you need to realise that you can’t fix everyone. 

5) Leo

The sun rules Leo, and as such, the sun is at home in this sign. It could be any of the versions of the sun, but you’re constantly radiating sun energy. Although you’re very proud and constantly giving the appearance of strength, you can be soft on the inside and can easily get hurt. You believe yourself to be royalty and can be quite dramatic. Remember that life doesn’t revolve around you. Lastly, although money will always come back, it doesn’t mean you should spend it all immediately. 

6) Virgo 

You have a superiority complex and you’re also extremely judgmental. If it was left to you, the rest of us will pay you for breathing your air. In as much as you strive for perfection, you may not always get it and you need to give yourself room to be as average as the rest of us. You may not plan to be, but you’re the mum friend of every group. Take a vacation or something and try to remind yourself that constantly worrying won’t change it. Overthinking no fit solve problem

7) Libra

The biggest stressor in your life is someone asking you to decide anything. From what to eat, to what to wear, to anything else in this beans life, making a decision is a major stressor. You also tend to act as a pushover because of your need to establish peace no matter what. Sha be standing up for yourself sometimes; it won’t kill you. 

8) Scorpio

As a fixed water sign, people tend to see you as cold. You’re a bit too secretive for a lot of people. This allows for people to second guess your intentions and they never believe you’re genuine. However, you care greatly for the people in your life and will go great lengths to show them that. Try opening up a bit more — at least enough for the people in your life not to worry so much. 

9) Sagittarius

Thrill seeker, adventure pursuer, and passionate activity doer. You’re constantly seeking freedom and sometimes don’t realise how your outspoken nature can be seen as lacking tact. Chasing the meaning of life is a full time job you’re dedicated to. However, schedules are good for you, no matter how much you hate them.

10) Capricorn

Can you help us organise our lives? We need help. You’re ambitious and will do anything to achieve whatever goals you’ve set for yourself. You plan everything to the last second and it’s partly because you’re scared of never having enough. So you work yourself to the bone until you’re secure in your possession of material things. Omo, abeg, rest. If you die, next of kin is going to cash out. Enjoy it now that you have it. 

11) Aquarius

You may appear aloof or distant, but you’re actually really friendly, but  reserved. You’re very interested in the greater good of humankind and care very deeply for the well-being of people. You don’t really care what other people think of you —, you just want to vibe and collect knowledge. 

12) Pisces 

You’re a hopeless romantic because of your dreamy nature and you tend to place the person you love on a very high pedestal, and you should check that. They’re human and will  mess up, so you’re basically setting yourself up. People assume you’re determined but you have a lot of inner doubts you’re constantly confronting. 

Note: Astrology is more complex than just sun signs. Your sun sign is just a small part of the whole. 




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