1. When an airport cab driver hears you have a foreign accent.

See this one.

2. Whenever you hear “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Na you sabi.

3. When people swear you are forming it.

Uhm. Ok.

4. “How long were you even abroad that you already have an acce…”

Save it.

5. “I’ve been abroad for years and I still have my Nigerian accent.”

Ehn, take a cookie na.

6. When people just assume you are rich or privileged.

In my dreams.

7. When you start making the effort to sound more Nigerian.

Let me just calm down

8. When people imitate you when you talk.


9. Your friends, whenever you try to speak pidgin:

Please stop.

10. When someone tells you to go and be an OAP.

Just like that?

11. Your tongue, whenever you try to use Nigerian slangs.

Let me just keep quiet.

12. Your parents, once you speak to them in your accent:

It just sounds rude to them.


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