Last week, Nike released Nigeria’s 2022 football kit. Even though we won’t participate in the World Cup later this year, we sha have a really nice jersey we can wear. 

Because Nigeria has had so many beautiful jerseys over the years, I decided to rank the most popular ones. 

What do you think?

10. 2002, World Cup

We didn’t win one single game in the group stage of the 2002 World Cup, and it’s because of this jersey. They just went to find neon material and threw it on our boys. Please, NFF and Nike, don’t let this happen again. 

9. 2014, World Cup

They rushed to make this jersey, and there’s nothing anyone can tell me. We don’t even have anything to say about it. It’s just… not fine. 

8. 2010, World Cup

Although this jersey isn’t terrible, it’s too basic. It looks like a pre-match warm up kit. Look at the collar. Just there. Adidas can’t be making our own Papilo look like this, please. 

7. 1992, AFCON

1992 was not a World Cup year, but we still got this absolute gem of a jersey. The designers weren’t scared to switch things up by making it asymmetric, and I absolutely respect that. If not that Ghana knocked us out of AFCON in the semi-finals, shebi we would’ve used it to carry the trophy. At least, we have better jollof rice. 

6. 1998, World Cup

I don’t like that this jersey is this low on the list. I actually really like it. It’s just that things really pick up from here. 1998 was also a very memorable World Cup for Nigerians. We beat Spain and finished top of our group. Legendary. 

5. 2022

We didn’t make World Cup this year, but at least, we have this super fire jersey with ankara-like patterns that we can wear for owambes. A lot is happening on it, but that’s what makes it so beautiful. I can’t wait to buy one. 

4. 2018, World Cup

This is probably our most purchased and talked about jersey ever. I got one. Everyone should get one. It’s just *chef kiss*. 

3. 2020

Unpopular opinion, but this jersey is much better than 2018’s. It has the same chuku chuku motif, but this one is much better executed. I also really like the colours and the placement of the badge. 

2. 1994, World Cup

Nigeria participated in the World Cup for the first time in 1994, and what a way to announce ourselves. I had a difficult time choosing between the home and away jersey, but inevitably chose the away because how can something be so perfect? It’s proper retro. 

1. 1996, AFCON

I’ve seen beauty before, but this is a discovery. No flaws. Everything perfect. 10/10. Look at the neck na. We didn’t go to AFCON that year, but at least, we had the best jersey. 

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