We don’t know what your reasons are, but if you’re reading this, you want to impress someone with your football knowledge. 

There’s no judgement here. We understand the struggle. Here’s how to disguise if football just isn’t your thing.  

Get familiar with the different games

You don’t want to be the one asking, “Is this a World Cup qualifier game?” when the whole world and your grandmother know it’s the FIFA World Cup final game.

Know the slangs

Then make sure to sprinkle them into your conversations.

Your boss: “How was your weekend?”

You: “I watched the top goals by my Idolo. He’s the GOAT!”

Choose a club

Just pick any club that has a reasonably good reputation and post about them once in a while. For international tournaments like the World Cup, just stick to Nigeria until they disgrace you.

Get a jersey

You don’t even need to get an original one. Visit any bend-down-select place, pick one jersey, wash it and wear it everywhere.

Twitter is your friend

There’ll always be hot takes on the TL whenever a match occurs. Pick one that everyone agrees with, retweet and then post it on your WhatsApp status. 

Whatever you do, avoid viewing centres

Unless you want to be exposed as the fraud you are, avoid any gathering of hard-core football fans. You’ll be disgraced.

Participate in Coca-Cola’s Believe and Win Promo so you can win a trip to the 2022 FIFA World Cup

No one can doubt your fanship when you post your Qatar pictures. 

Coca-Cola is an official partner of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup and has launched a consumer-reward campaign for football fans. 

Just buy any white-capped Coca-Cola product, check under the cap for the code, and dial *8014*1*CODE# to participate for free. Some lucky consumers will even witness the World Cup live in Qatar.

Check out the official announcement on YouTube and @cocacola_ng for more information.



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