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After all his drama, Uche finally left!

Ultimate Love Recap

Aunty came into the house and told Uche he’s free to pack his bags and leave, and he did. So Chris is by herself now. No man. No love interest.

Sighing at the drama in Ultimate Love daily

I like that she’s putting up a good front though, but they need to fix this ASAP. It’s unfair that she’d be asked to leave because of Uche’s foolishness. 

Can the Love Guests be allowed to pursue other love interests?

Except Therike, Jelo, Ebiobi, and JayKech, other couples don’t seem to be interested in their partner or their relationship, which is funny because they came to look for bae and aunty paired them according to their choice, no? They stay acting like they are in an arranged marriage and they are finding it hard to connect with their partner. This one pass me.

Technically, Chris is not the only single person in that house:

Chris in the Ultimate Love recap

The Love Guests looking at Chris with pity but, they’re in a situation-ships with partners that have no interest in them. All of them plus Chris — same WhatsApp group. At least we know that Chris doesn’t have a love interest in the house, and there’s hope that Aunty might bring in man for her. Can’t say same for others. God safe them.

Roksie Vs Jervia swap

Rosie and Kachi can barely stand each other, They are thinking about swapping partners with Jervia, but Sylvia is not here for that rubbish. Rosie told Kachi she’s still hurting from her relationship with Jerry that lasted FIVE business days. Lmao. sis, get yourself together abeg. You’re hurting, but you want to swap bae? Just say you like Jerry.

No sleep for the wicked

David and Presh – I expected Presh to be having the time of her life with David, seeing as she scattered Rosie and David’s relationship and succeeded in getting paired with him. But she has since refused to talk to him. Men like wicked women, so i’m not even seeing the problem here.

Look at all that space between them.

Jerry and his young love

Jerry is finding it hard to bond with Sylvia, and my good sis that left university to find lover is having none of it. Jerry had the opportunity to leave if he wasn’t interested in Sylvia, but he chose to stay. He better start making it work. Nonsense.

M for Mind your business, Michael

Micheal is in everyone’s business, except his own business with Cherry. I don’t know who appointed him relationship therapist, but Sylvia has warned him to stay away from her relationship with Jerry when he tried meddling. His babe, Cherry is asking for assurance every minute, but he’s there dodging commitment. Fraud.

Adire making task

The Love Guests enjoyed their Adire making task that happened this morning. Not everytime plot how to connect with or steal man, sometimes art lesson!

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