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Everything that happened in ultimate love day 32:

Aunty is always in the Love Pad on Wednesdays to have a chat with the couples.

Ultimate Love Day 32 started with the Love Guests learning the Nupe traditional dance, bonding with their partners, then Aunty dropped by later to chat with the the couples. It was a quite a revealing session.

Ultimate Love Day 32

Jay, is it Nkechi you want or your ex?

Aunty asked if the Love Guests had any ex they still liked and Jay had the nerve to tell Aunty in the presence of Nkechi that his favourite ex is still very close to his heart. He even touched the spot the ex currently occupies, and believe me dears, it’s very high up there. Nkechi, I hope you’re taking note? Most importantly, I hope you have back up bae.

Then Aunty thought it was a smart idea to ask them their secret on TV

There are so many questions to ask these people, but Aunty really thought it was a good idea to ask them to share their secret with their partner, and in her own presence, not forgetting that millions of people were also watching? How’s that even still a secret abeg?

Ultimate Love Day 32

Anyway, the only secret worth writing about is Rosie’s secret. She told us and the rest of the world that she has a teenage son who she hasn’t seen since he was taken away from her at four months. Sigh.

Bolar’s kind gesture did a number on Jelo

Remember JennyKoko and Louis’s ship has been rocky for some days now? Bolanle and Arnold were kind enough to give out the love nest to Jelo, and it may seem as though what needed was a private moment to talk things through.

They are not exactly matching to the altar straight out of the love nest, but it’s a good place to start. Kisses sprinkled with cuddles here and there, and things are already looking Gucci.

Ultimate Love Day 32

Whew. With less than 30 days to go, we are sitting on the edge of our seats, wondering if this people will really find the love they’re looking for.

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