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Saturdays are for cultural performance in Aunty’s Love Pad. For this week, they showed us how a royal coronation is done in Benin Kingdom.

The love guests showed up dripping in their traditional Benin attires.

Ooni of Ife and his Olori were in attendance.

Alpha female Theresa might still be shook

The Love Guests were given an opportunity to send messages to their fans and loved one, Theresa killed two birds with one stone – sent a message to her fans, then warned Iyke’s ex to maintain her ex level.

Jeriton had a date with her man.

Meriton surprised Jerry with a dinner date, and they talked about their relationship in the house. Meriton is committed to making this relationship work oh, but we’ll see where the ship is headed from here.

We celebrate you, Ebi

Ebi is such a lover girl. She shut down the Love Pad for her Choco’s birthday. They are also up for possible checkout, so this could also be their check out party. Who knows?

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