If you were born into a Yoruba Christian home, I’m almost certain that Yinka Ayefele was a big part of your childhood. Even if it wasn’t, you’ve probably heard his songs which were characterised by fast beats and catchy lyrics. Nearly every naming ceremony had the DJs blasting these songs on their speakers.

Honestly, they slapped differently.



5,6,7,8 alayo mi ni. This song would make you lose your home training in a Godly manner. You could be battling the worst heartbreak known to man and somehow, it would help you recover.

Eyin Temi Bawo Ni O


Sewa. Le le le le le le le sewa. If your name is Sewa, this was probably as close to musical royalty as it could get.

Ime, Imela, Imela, Jehovah Mela


Ayinkele Gymnastic Imela. We all knew that wasn’t what he said, but we shouted it at the top of our voices regardless.

Emi Ni Temi Mi O Mo J’orin Lo


His rent was definitely due when he hit us with this banger. 

Baba Pamilerin Ayo


The mix of makossa and fuji here got everyone dancing. Those were the days.

Mu Mi Lo Si


Ibi giga, to ga ju aiye. Oluwa jo wo o wa gbe mi soke. This was peak vocal dexterity. The ability to get so high in pitch while raising his voice simultaneously puts Ayefele up there as one of the best of his generation.

Do Ti La Mi So Fa


Do Do Do Re Mi. It isn’t quite the tonic solfa taught in music schools but it’s definitely as iconic. Screaming it at the top of your lungs and dancing as the beat drops made it hit harder.

Odun Ikore


This song had tears welling up in the eyes of grown men as they jammed to the chorus at the top of their voices.

Te Ota Mole


Te Ota Mole Left Right. If the angels had a marching song, it honestly felt like this would be it. It has the correct blend of military grit and musical cohesion.

Eyo Je Aje Yo

Source: Zikoko Memes

What makes it even better is the next line, “E o tun di lo le”. This was definitely the owambe anthem. 

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