Since the current government came into power on May 29, 2023, it’s been from one shege to another for Nigerians. If it’s not skyrocketing fuel prices, it’s skyrocketing exchange rates, electricity tariff, food, rent and everything else. 

An era as notorious as this deserves its own theme songs, so we did the honours with the Nigerian drops of 2023 that best fit the vibe.


If you’re still angry your candidate didn’t win the elections, find comfort in yabbing Mr. Yakubu. Maybe if the man did the right thing, we wouldn’t be in these agbado times at all.

Ask About Me

Foreign currencies are currently telling naira to “Ask about me. Won tin le mi, but won mumi,” which means “They’re chasing me, but they can’t catch up.”


While some people are suffering, others are making easy money. Like Adekunle Gold and that politician’s daughter on Naira Life.

Sitting on Top of the World

In this era especially, receiving credit alerts does something to your spirit. Anytime it happens, the world becomes your big stool — for the five minutes before it disappears once you step outside your house.

Who Is Your Guy (Remix)

If you have one or two friends who are always there for you, this is the time to hold them close without making their lives difficult. I can’t remember who, but a wise man once said, “A friend with too many needs can kill.”


Only strong people can survive such hardship. “Ndi Ike” means “The strong.” Now, you know why Falz made this song during this period.


Only sabi girls can effectively dodge billings and remain “unbelievably liquid” in this economy.


Unnecessary outings or billings? You’re not at home. People who ask, “Have you eaten?” instead of just sending money, nko? Dem no dey see you. Davido knows ball.


This is ginger for when you’re about to give up. If you sing this song three times early in the morning, you’ll finish your week’s KPI in a day.

No Worries

For the broke days of empty wallets. Just like Olamide sang, you know it’s only God that gives wealth, so you can count on Him as your CBN.



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