There’s no way I’m the only one who’s rinsed Amaarae’s Fountain Baby countless times since it came out. Amaarae, girl, I’m sorry if your mouth  hurts from me replaying your album; it’s just too good. 

In just 40 minutes, Amaarae takes us on a journey of sex, partying, designer clothes, astrology, expensive cars and most importantly, what it feels like to be a bad bitch. 

Source: Zikoko Memes

Princess Going Digital

Source: Zikoko Memes
  • “I been going out like a bad bitch” 
  • “Tryna find love, but ninjas be doing the most” 

Bad bitches catch feelings, too. Princess Going Digital is for the bad bitches that know they’re fly but wouldn’t mind finding a lover who’s ready to match their energy. Amaarae is asking for someone to take her off the streets, and all of you are dulling? Shame. 

Angels in Tibet 

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  • “Y’all bitches boring” 
  • “Don’t you want to taste it?”

Where are my main character girlies? You know those who swear they’re the Beyoncé of their friend group? Yes, Angels in Tibet is for all of us. It’s not easy being the most wanted and hottest in any room we step into. Like Wande Coal once said, “Wo ko wa je bi amala ati ewedu”. 

Reckless and Sweet 

Source: Zikoko Memes
  • “Looking at me, you get goosebumps” 
  • “Call me when the money come come come” 

Bad bitches don’t play with poverty, and that’s on Eucharia Anunobi’s eyebrows. Reckless and Sweet is an anthem for bad bitches who disagree with Tinubu on letting the poor breathe. They have their own funds, there’s no way you can step to them when your bank account is giving struggle energy. Run along now. 


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  • “I met a girl, she a saint and a demon” 
  • “Down to earth but way too high”

Astrology babies, get in here because Amaarae just made a new anthem for you. From sex with a Gemini feeling like a threesome (multiple personalities, sho get?) to Leos being hot but unloyal, Amaarae drags each sign by their edges, giving us a rulebook on which ones to avoid. Thanks, girl. 

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Source: Zikoko Memes
  • “I like my coffee with some head in the morning” 
  • “Fuck you and give you away” 

Amaarae is on fire, name-dropping Mowalola, singing about pulling up to the motive in a fly Mercedes, partying hard and getting faded like it’s no man’s business. This isn’t your average bad bitch anthem. This is Gwen Stefani-level luxurious. 

Sex, Violence, Suicide

Source: Zikoko Memes
  • “Ruin your day and then I take a bow”
  • “Want a feeling. Something real tonight”

What is it with bad bitches and true crime? Famous serial killers Ted Bundy and Wayne Gacy are referenced in this song that finds Amaarae down bad, asking her lover to tell her she’s the best. Once again, it’s okay to be a bad bitch and like someone. It’s the duality of bad bitchery. 

Water from Wine 

Source: Zikoko Memes
  • “Call me for tongue in tongue” 
  • “Shawty I can’t be caught in no love”

Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? Water from Wine is for the sexually liberated bad bitches (to be honest, you can’t be a bad bitch without being sexually liberated) who want to have a good time and dip. No long talk. Take off your pants; we’re here for a good time; not a long time. 

Listen to Fountain Baby here: 

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