In the latest episode of Showmax’s The Buzz, host Toke Makinwa brought her signature baby girl vibe while serving all the juicy scoop from Biggie’s house over the weekend – From the fights to the wildest moments to the Saturday night party and the love triangles.

Toke’s first guest on the episode was Femi Daniel, a TV presenter and Content Creator. He joined her to unpack all that went down over the weekend, from the frenzy of Friday jacuzzi night to the Saturday night party. According to Femi, the moment he saw Gordons, he remembered the last season’s party, and as expected, the housemates started acting differently after the party.

The situationships in the house…

Femi gave us more insights into the situationships in the house. According to him, Cross likes Maria, and she wants him too.  But there is a “bro code” between him and Pere, so he won’t pursue her. For Liquorose, Toke and Femi agreed that once she takes alcohol, her emotions are always heightened. Still, they believe she’s coming on too strong and trying to force Emmanuel into a relationship.

To unpack the erotic confessions and some aggressive seductions in the house, Toke and Femi were joined by Content Creator extraordinaire, Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal. Toke began by saying that there are no official couples this season, which is sad, seeing that they are already three weeks into the game. According to Tosin, Maria and Pere like each other but do not want people to know they like each other. The group also spoke about Maria and Pere taking a shower together, and Maria later saying she did that because they are just best friends. 

And even more ships…

Toke and the group also had an interesting conversation about how Jay Paul and Arin are building something but aren’t quite there yet. They also dissected Jackie B and Boma’s situationship, talking about Jackie B giving Boma a forehead kiss which in their opinion meant she adored him. They also spoke about how Boma initially had a thing for Angel until she told her story to the house. They concluded that they both have strong personalities and called them the Mummy and Daddy of the house.

Gbas Gbos…

To give us the breakdown of all the tempers rising in the house and all the emotions flying in the air, They were joined by the Senator, Comedian and Actor Bethel Njoku. To start, they spoke about the Angel, Liquourose and Maria situation. Senator said it was just girls being girls. He went further to describe Liquorose as a private jet that talks without really weighing the consequences. 

Speaking about the heated argument between Boma and Angel, they all agreed that Boma went too far. According to Femi, if Jackie B saw that fight, she wouldn’t have given him the forehead kiss. 

Secret diary session

We also saw clips of the housemate’s secret diary sessions, where Big Brother allowed the housemates to rant about any and everything, and some of the juiciest details were revealed here. Arin revealed that she kissed Cross and went on to sleep in Jay Paul’s bed. Cross said that he’s starting to like SasKay a lot, and Saga also opened up about his crazy emotions for Nini. Peace says no one has swept her off her feet yet, and Pere complained about using the same bathroom as everybody. 

To close the show, Toke and the guests spoke about the evictions. They weren’t surprised about Yerins, but they were shocked about Beatrice and surprised that Yousef scaled through. According to them, Yousef played a better game than Beatrice. They also love the new housemates and can’t wait for all the drama that will come from them.

The Buzz is the home of all the spicy gist that goes on in the BBNaija house. A brand new episode will premiere on Saturday, August 14, 2021, at 7 pm. Toke will reveal more from the secret diary sessions, have superstar guests and discuss the most significant moments from this week’s show. 

The Buzz is exclusive to Showmax and airs on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on the drama from the BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition if you’re in the UK or anywhere across Africa.



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