Before you read this post, here is one thing we beg of you: if you have the phone number of any of these actresses, please link us. We need to be taken kiarof by them.

You’ll probably ask, what’s a sugar baby? Well, read this to understand: What She Said: Who’s A Sugar Baby?

1. Shaffy Bello

Shaffy Bello would be the kind of unproblematic sugar mummy that will spoil you silly. A fancy car to cruise town, maybe a tidy apartment in Ikeja too. It’s a sure thing that you will follow her on Dubai trips to flex. And if you are cool-headed, she will likely sponsor your wedding. Who doesn’t want that kind of flex?

2. Tina Mba

She will be discreet and coded, probably because of her political career or her children who wouldn’t like that. But she is likely to be a caring sugar mummy, the one who will remind you that she is old enough to be your mother and which is why she knows what is best for you. So, stop fooling around and get that Master’s Degree. Yep, na like that.

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3. Ngozi Nwosu

Mama the mama. With her, no dulling, always flexing. She is likely to be the kind of sugar mummy who is ever ready to spoil you, but you must be loyal. No girlfriend of your own, because she needs your 100% devotion. And don’t try to think you can outsmart her or something. You mess up, you get thrown out and another person will take your place ASAP.

4. Ireti Doyle

We need Ireti Doyle to be our sugar mummy because there is this badassery about her that is completely alluring. She looks like the kind of woman who will talk down any police officer who might try to be rude, and that power is intoxicating enough. A sugar mummy that fights for you. Hook it!

5. Eucharia Anunobi

Are you seriously going to pretend that Eucharia isn’t the essential sugar mummy you all want? We need her to spend cool dollars on us and shower us with gifts that we do not deserve.

Since we are in this sugar hustle together, we think you should take this quiz to know what kind of sugar might come your way.

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