It’s one thing to be a fan of a musician, but being a stan? That’s another thing entirely. Stans are fans who are willing to actually throw hands because of their faves. 

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With stan culture taking over the +234 internet (and real-life) thanks to Wizkid FC, Savage Soldiers, Outsiders, 30 BG and Rebel Gang, we decided to talk to some stans about the most outrageous things they’ve done for their faves. 

“My family doesn’t know I have a Wizkid tattoo” 

Kayinsola*, 23
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I come from a very religious family that doesn’t even allow me or my sisters to have more than one piercing. But during Detty December in 2022, I randomly got a tattoo of Wizkid’s full name, “Ayodeji Balogun”, on my thigh. I don’t wear short skirts or shorts at home, so my parents haven’t seen it yet. I could lie that it’s my boyfriend’s name. At least, maybe they’d think I’m less of a nutjob if the person knows I exist. But they’d also ask to see this boyfriend, and I don’t have one. 

I’ve been a Wizkid fan since my first year of secondary school when he dropped Holla At Your Boy. He’s the greatest Nigerian musician of all time. I don’t regret my tattoo, but I wish I’d gotten it after I japa. I know my parents will unalive me if they see it. 

“I used ₦‎1.6m to cover my favourite rapper’s bill in the club” 

Buchi*, 31
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For someone who isn’t rich, tell me why I cleared the table of one of my favourite musicians in the club. I’m a huge fan of Nigerian rap music from back in the day. I ran into one of my favourite rappers at the club in Enugu one night and was starstruck. He’d come into town to perform at a wedding, so he pulled up with his entourage to chill after. That’s how I told the club owner, my friend, to tell him not to worry, “Bills on me”. 

By the time the bill came, omo, I was looking at about ₦1.6m. He came into an Enugu club with Lagos energy. I’ve never paid that type of money for anything. Even for my brother’s wedding, I only contributed ₦1m. Never again. 

“I’m only on social media as a stan account” 

David*, 29
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Tiwa Savage is my favourite musician and the only reason I have social media accounts. I don’t have a social media presence besides the LinkedIn and Facebook accounts I don’t even have access to anymore. But I run a stan account to share Tiwa’s articles, new songs, interviews, etc. Olorun Mi saved my life when I lost my brother, so since then, I’ve been a dedicated Savage Soldier. Everyone has hits, but no one serves vocals like my girl, and for that, I’ll drag anyone who says rubbish on Twitter. 

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“Most of my salary goes to K-Pop merch, and I’m okay with it” 

Hassana*, 25
Source: Zikoko Memes

There’s a massive K-Pop community here in Nigeria, and I’m very active in it. I discovered K-pop through a co-worker in 2019 and haven’t looked back since. I stream their albums and performances, but the most outrageous thing I do is buy and ship merch, especially from BLACKPINK. Dollar rates rising or not, I’ll always support my girls.

“I lied at work to go look for Burna Boy at Eko Hotel” 

Sheryl*, 30
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I was obsessed with Burna Boy during my NYSC. I mean, I still love my boo now, but back then, I was actually obsessed. One day in 2014, I saw him post on his Instagram stories, and I recognised the pool in his background as the one at Eko Hotels. I wasn’t even sure if the post was recent, but see, I told my office HR my mother had collapsed and I needed to rush home. I hopped on a bus and ran to Eko Hotel. I just sat in the lobby for the rest of the day, hoping I’d run into him. 

I remember watching that Korty video and laughing because it felt like a personal drag. 

“I secured my Beyoncé Renaissance tickets before getting my visa” 

-Jesse*, 30 
Source: Zikoko Memes

My plans in life come second to Beyoncé’s plans for me, and that’s on period. As soon as she dropped the Renaissance tickets, I was in a queue to buy mine online for the UK show — since she’s not coming to Nigeria. It wasn’t until I’d paid for my ticket that I realised I hadn’t renewed my visa. I’ve applied and everything, but what if I don’t get it? I’m focusing on positive thoughts for now. 

“I stopped talking to a girl because she said Wizkid was overrated” 

Nti*, 28
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Imagine trying to get to know someone and they diss your favourite artiste? That’s what happened with a girl I was toasting two years ago. We met at a house party in Lagos, and I liked her vibe. Wizkid’s Come Closer came on shuffle as I was driving her for one of our hangouts, and unprovoked, this babe started insulting Wiz. 

Granted, that song is somehow, but to call him overrated and a Wande Coal dupe? That was too much, so I ghosted her after that day. I didn’t need that negative energy around me. 

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