One name has been on everybody’s lips for days now, and that name is Beyoncé. Even though the Naira keeps crashing like the national grid and there’s chaos all around us, one of the only few things that truly brings us joy right now is Beyoncé’s Renaissance.

For those just getting into house/EDM music after listening to Renaissance, here are some Nigerian artists you should check out to continue the party. 


You have to be sleeping under a rock not to know the queen of Afrohouse, Niniola. From Ibadi to Designer, Niniola (and Sarz) have been serving us back-to-back hits over the years — who can forget the iconic opening line, “Shey footballer ni e?” in Maradona .

Even though house music feels foreign to Nigerians, Niniola is one artist that has been able to adapt the genre in a way that sounds authentically Nigerian. You can’t hear her voice and not want to break your waist on the dance floor. And just like Queen Bey, Niniola’s vocals are unmatched. No cap. 

Sensei Lo 

The Nigeian-born Ghanaian is a popular DJ on the Lagos house/EDM scene, and  has moved from playing music at Elegushi Beach to headlining shows with global acts like Major Lazer. If that isn’t growth, I don’t know what it is. 

If you want to get into Sensei Lo’s music, I suggest you start with the bangers, Don’t Let Go and Ibadan Malimbe

Sigag Lauren

There’s nothing more annoying to me than listening to a DJ struggle and fail at remixing a song that I like. But not Sigag Lauren, though, because this man’s remixes are always on fire. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Teni’s Uyo Meyo or Ayra Starr’s Away, Sigag has a way of making his remix slap even harder than the original. I have no choice but to stan.

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Tell me what you know about being Grammy nominated. Girl, before your fave giants were grabbing Grammy nominations, Kah-Lo had already scored one for Best Dance Performance in 2017 alongside British DJ, Riton. If you loved songs like Cozy, Alien Superstar, Energy and Pure/Honey on Renaissance, or just bad bitch music, then Kah-Lo is the girl you need on your playlist. 

Start with Fake ID and Drag Me Out

Jamie Black 

Beyoncé is the only one that’ll name a song, America Has A Problem, and proceed to ask us to throw our ass in a circle and enjoy ourselves in the face of these problems. Like Beyoncé, Jamie Black sings about Lagos so that you end up dancing so hard that you forget that this city is an absolute ghetto filled with chaos and unnecessary traffic

Loving the escapism agenda, and you should too. 

Beyo Jr. 

Zinolesky’s Loving You may be one of the best songs to sample Asa’s Be My Man, but Body on Body by Beyo Jr, Calix and Maka, gives Zinolesky a run for his money. The track is so good with its sampling that you’ll almost forget that the lyrics sound familiar. 

Even though Beyo Jr. gives more of a David Guetta vibe than Beyoncé on Renaissance, his take on EDM is still cool enough to make this list. 


Just like Beyoncé on Break My Soul, Bigfootinyourface’s Daylight is a song that encourages listeners to throw their middle finger to all the wahala around them and dance until the sun comes up.

While Bigfootinyourface doesn’t make house music all the time, this song is the anti-capitalism anthem I need to listen to at least once a week to keep me sane. Nigeria will not kill us. Say amen. 

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