Asa is back. Nearly three years after her last album, Lucid, our queen of Afro-folk, soul, and everything nice is back with a new album, V, signaling a major departure from the sound she introduced us to over a decade ago with Asha. For Love It/Hate It, we asked Nigerians what they think about the new album, and this is what they had to say. 

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Laolu – “Asa making pangolo music? Inject it!”

If you ever wondered what pangolo music by Asa would sound like, the answer is tasteful AF! IDG is definitely the main character on that project. So many details in the background of that song, and P.Prime the producer is insane! Deadass music for a Saturday morning with your lover. 

Faridah – “If I don’t sing Morning Man and Show Me Off for a man before July, I might actually die.” 

Asa, sis, is it a crime to be single? This babe used to make songs for us single and sad bitches and now she’s telling us to go out there and get booed up. What a betrayal? But what my queen says, I will do. This album is perfect from top to bottom. Asa, your shop will not burn IJN (Amen). Please, excuse me while I answer all the DMS I’ve been airing. Asa said it’s cuffing season. 

Temilade -“Asa and Amaarae can break my back anytime, any day.”

Who is this Asa? What? All I Ever Wanted with Amaarae is a madness and it’s especially good because, on paper, you don’t see it happening. We already know Amaraare is a bad bitch, but hearing Asa singing about wanting to break backs, omo, I didn’t know how much I wanted to be dominated until now. I’m rinsing the hell out of this album. 

Chuma -“I’m afraid to say it on the TL, but I want my old Asa back.” 

I love that my fave is experimenting, but I can’t be the only one who wants her to just stick to what she’s been doing for the longest — and very well if I might add. In a time where everyone is making the same shit, it felt good to know we had someone who would be a constant for us, musically. You don’t see Adele collaborating with Lil something on TikTok, do you? 

Seye -“No skips. I repeat, no skips.” 

I love everything about this album. There are literally no skips. I love that it has the makings of a classic Asa album we’ll play years from now, but also infused with some of the Afrobeats we’re used to. Also, the collaborations couldn’t be more perfect. 10/10.

Dika -“Can’t wait to see Nigerian aunties’ reactions to All I Ever Wanted with Amaraae.” 

I love V. Good Times with The Cavemen. is my favourite song off the album. I also think she came out of her shell with these songs and took risks. Like the song with Amaarae, All I Ever Wanted? I think our aunties are going to love the album until they get to that song. 

Sharon -“It doesn’t measure up to the Asa I know.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this album. My only fear is how it’ll stand years from now. Are we going to fuck with it the same way we do Asha, Beautiful Imperfection or Bed of Stone? I doubt that. I love that she’s experimenting, but this is a major shift. Let’s see sha. 

KC -“A Wizkid song without ‘She tell me say’, mad oh.”

The way Asa got Wizkid to sing and not add, “She tell me say” is something that should be studied in universities when ASUU resumes. IDG is a jam. All the collabs and solo songs slap real hard. We’re eating good this year, thanks to Asa. 


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