After keeping us waiting for six whole years, the queen of heartbreak finally dropped her 4th album, 30. Despite having eleven tracks that are sure to have you crying hot tears, we do realise that for some of you Nkiru Sylvanuses, that won’t be enough. Here are 6 dramatic Nigerian break-up songs for a total heartbreak experience. 

Omoge Mi – PSquare

Once upon a time, these guys were the hottest thing on the music scene – even hotter than party jollof rice. Why? Well, they gave us hits like this classic about catching your girl red-handed with your best friend. Ouch! 

Ego – Djinee

This guy literally said, “If I die now I go happy say, say when I dey this world I don fall in love”. Really? All you came to do in this world is give someone your mumu button? Interesting. 

Bibanke – Asa

This song is for heartbreak that went to Harvard. You can’t play this because your crush aired you. Instead, we’ll advise you to save it for when he leaves you at the altar. 

Not The Girl – Darey Art Alade

Another mature heartbreak song, Darey was in his peak heartbreak bag when he made this song. Complete with a suit and over-the-top piano, he sings about his girl switching up on him. It’s sad, but lowkey hilarious because isn’t change the only thing that’s constant about life? 

Thunder Fire You – Ric Hassani

My favourite part of this song  was the choir assisting Ric Hassani cussing out his ex. That ladies and gentlemen, is what we like to call DEDICATION to being petty. 

F*ck You – Kiss Daniel

We saved this for last because you can only play this song when you’re ready to move on. Once you play this, there are no tears left to cry. One day, Kiss Daniel will explain the breakfast he ate that motivated him to drag someone for filth like this. 

Kindly seek spiritual help if all these songs don’t get you through your heartbreak.

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