Ranking this album took me longer than it should have because this is arguably my favourite Nigerian album of all time. But after a lot of listens, this is what I came up with.

And it’s accurate.

10. No One Knows

It’s funny that I really like this song, but now that I’m ranking all of the songs on the album, it’s coming 10th. Anyways, it is what it is. If I did this on another day, it might have been higher. No one knows tomorrow.

9. Fire On The Mountain

If you take away the fact that this song was drugs for everyone when the album dropped, you’ll realize that other songs on the album are honestly better than Fire On The Mountain. If you listen to the album again, you’ll see.

8. Peace

Beautiful tune, nice progression, but it’s literally just the same verse twice.

7. So Beautiful

Who doesn’t love a song about their mother. The genuineness that you hear in Asa’s voice and in the lyrics make it a beautiful song. Plus it’s the last song on the album and it just leaves you wanting more.

6. Jailer

Apart from the fact that I have to keep saying “God forbid”, when I say “I’m in chains”, “I’m a prisoner” and “I will die”, this song is basically perfect. Absolutely beautiful way to start one of the best albums in the history of Nigerian music.

5. Subway

This song basically taught me that people will break your heart if you’re not careful. I remember always being angry at the person that might have broken Asa’s heart, like “How could you?”

4. 360

Are you feeling down? Do you want to feel motivated? Listen to 360. You’ll finish that pitch you were working on when you hear Asa say “This world will never ever wait for you”.

3. Eye Adaba

I used to hate this song because it was everyone’s alarm tone in my house and you would wake up every morning to this song playing endlessly. But I’ve now grown to absolutely love it. Just never using it as my alarm.

2. Awe

Maybe I just like gossip, but this song always intrigued me. Brother Wahidi! Why did you impregnate someone that is old enough to be your mother and run away??

1. Bibanke

This song was just pure tears, but beautiful tears. It’s also a really great sounding song. Definitely my favorite from that album. Great song, great album overall.


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