Members of K-pop groups take on specific roles and positions besides singing. Just imagine Ayra Starr as the face and centre of this monster rookie band or Itohan of Nigerian Idol 2022 as the “golden maknae”.

That’s why we created PURPLEWINE, a 4th-gen girl crush band made up of seven Nigerian Gen-Z stars. Let’s find out why each member would be in this Nigerian K-pop girl group, what the group would be known for, how well they’d do and how they’d eventually disband. 

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The Unnie Line (older members)

Sanchan: The Leader

K-pop group leaders are either the oldest by age or years of training (RM in BTS, Red Velvet’s Irene).

This 24-year-old brand influencer, popularly known as White Melanin, would be the oldest member, making her the default leader. The K-pop company would select Sanchan unnie to be a “visual” (AKA fine girl of the group) because of her modelling background as the face of many beauty brands. Her half-Japanese ethnicity would also be a factor, but the company would constantly deny it. Most likely the last member to be picked, they would train her for about a year to pass as a vocalist, dancer and maybe even rapper. None of that would matter though because what they want are her visuals and existing popularity to promote the group. She’ll always look out for the other members, but like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, very few people will know she’s the leader as she’ll be completely overshadowed by the “centre” (AKA most popular member).

Positions: leader, visual, sub-vocalist

SANCHAN [@thewhitemelanin]. (2020, August 15). “Every single hairstyle gives me a different look 😌…anyways after this picture I took my wig off and kept [Photograph]. Instagram.

Fave: The Vocalist

The official vocalist position is usually given to the member with the best vocal range or technique (Aespa’s Ningning, EXO’s Baekhyun). That doesn’t mean the other members aren’t technically vocalists too.

Fave (21) is understated but talented and passionate about music. She would’ve joined the company very early on, say ten years before PURPLEWINE’s debut. She would’ve known since she was a kid that she wanted to sing, auditioned to join the company and been the only one of thousands to be picked that year. She would then spend ten years as a trainee, learning to play every instrument (and dance every choreo) in the book while perfecting her vocals, only to be given one position and barely any parts in songs once they debut. Any part she does get would be the most difficult one. But she would kill it, so her stans would dedicate their lives to attacking the company for not giving her more.

Position: main vocalist

Fave [@faveszn]. (2022, April 15). “Stream Riddim 5 today!
(real caption on twitter. 3 ha1va2 maya da1da 4na Instagram
🤭) [Photograph]. Instagram.

Ayra Starr: The Centre & Face

The most popular one who’s also usually the one with the most skills. Sometimes, the centre is a different person from the face of the group (In ITZY, Ryujin is the centre and Yeji is the face, while BLACKPINK’s Jennie is both).

It would be love at first sight between the company and the self-assured 19-year-old Ayra. She joined after Fave, but still very early on, as an IJGB, and has been crowned the company’s princess/secret weapon ever since. Considered an ace because of her singing, dancing and visual skills (they’ll probably train her to hold her own as a rapper too) and charisma, the company would start promoting her some months before the debut, as the face of the group. Then, once PURPLEWINE debuts, she would literally be at the centre of the group in everything — photo shoots, music videos, live performances — the person who sings first on all their songs, gets the most lines to sing, and generally be the Beyonce. There’s one in every group TBH.

Positions: centre, face, lead vocalist, lead dancer

Celestial being 👼🏾🤍⭐️ [@ayrastarr]. (2022, May 22). “Stanford gave me all the energy I needed 🤍👼🏾 [Photograph]. Instagram.

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The Maknae Line (younger members)

Diana Eneje: The Visual

The official visual of any K-pop group is the most attractive member or the closest to local beauty standards (IVE’s Wonyoung, Jisoo of BLACKPINK).

Also 19, Diana would’ve been scouted four years earlier, by one of many company reps who roam the streets, for a group they hadn’t formed yet at the time they noticed her. Since her looks more closely represent the Nigerian standard of beauty than Sanchan’s, they would want her to be the main visual of the group. She’d probably want to be a model or actress, but they’d convince her she was made for pop superstardom despite never actually hearing her sing. She would accept and spend the next four years training for it. The company would use her and Ayra to promote the group pre-debut so that by the time PURPLEWINE debuts, they would already be it-girls. However, it won’t take long for stans to accuse her of not having any talent. But hey, Posh Spice didn’t care, so why should she? 

Positions: visual, face, sub vocalist

Diana Eneje [@diana_eneje]. (2022, March 24). “Attention 📌 At Ease
Dress : @kryptstore
[Photograph]. Instagram.
Actual evidence of Diana and Ayra promoting PURPLEWINE pre-debut. Photo Credit: BN TV

Susan Pwajok: The Rapper

The cool kid with the best rapping skills (BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Soyeon of (G)I-DLE).

There’s no evidence that Susan can actually rap. But the actress has major rapper vibes, and I honestly think she should consider it, just in case she’s looking for a side hustle. Anyway, that’s what the company would be thinking when they recruit her for this Nigerian K-pop girl group. After watching one of her many Instagram videos in which she’s being cool as usual, someone in the company would have a vision of her as a pop star and reach out to her. She’d then become a trainee for three to four years, during which time her swag would evolve into great rapping and dancing skills. She’ll end up being the most popular member some years after their debut because everyone loves a good rapper. Side note: Nigeria needs female rappers!

Positions: lead rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist

Susan Laraba Ganchung Pwajok [@susanpwajok]. (2021, August 22). “main character in his dreams. [Photograph]. Instagram.

Amarachi: The Dancer

The most impressive dancer in terms of technique (LISA of BLACKPINK, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, TWICE’s Momo).

Do you remember Amarachi Dance by Nigerian Willow Smith and winner of the first Airtel Nigeria’s Got Talent, Amarachi Uyanne? Well, Amarachi went viral in 2012 after winning and dropping the song (and another one featuring Phyno). She’s 17 now and has spent the last few years she was out of the spotlight swooped up by the company to train rigorously for a grand comeback as a member of PURPLEWINE. The company would be banking on people’s surprise at her return and transformation to promote the group even more. Not to mention that her obvious dancing talent would’ve been refined to its fullest power level through almost ten years of training, so she would get mad dance breaks during live performances. The devil works hard, but the head of this company works harder.

Position: main dancer, sub vocalist, sub rapper

Amarachi Dance [@amarachidance8]. (2022, May 2). “Today✨🙂 [Video]. Instagram.

Itohan: The Maknae

The youngest one (NewJeans’s Hyein, Mamamoo’s Hwasa)

The company would snatch Itohan right after she’s made a name for herself as the Baby Dragon of the just concluded Nigerian Idol (2022). The 17-year-old would be the voice they’d been searching for to round up the group as the youngest member or “maknae”, with a huge fanbase hungry to support her harder after she failed to win the popular talent competition. They would expect her to unfurl, performing alongside the older, bolder members, so that when the band tragically goes on indefinite hiatus five years in, she would still be young — but experienced and famous — enough to have a long solo career ahead of her. Would they be conniving devils if they put all their eggs in the Ayra Starr “solo takeover” basket? I think not. She’ll sing all dem special bridges, and the stans will tag her “golden maknae” because of her big vocals, a la BTS’ Jungkook.

Positions: main vocalist, maknae

Itohan Agbator [@itohan_agbator]. (2022, May 20). “Short Storytime!!💃🏽💃🏽 A couple of days ago, I got a surprise gift from @shopmakiee_ 🥺. I was completely [Photograph]. Instagram.

Introducing PURPLEWINE

The ult 4th-gen group, PURPLEWINE’s badassery would catch everyone’s attention right away. Their visuals would be unmatched, and since there aren’t that many local female acts, they would be an instant hit, dropping fast and catchy songs with a mostly afro-trap, amapiano sound. Their choreos would be tight; they would invent new moves that would go viral, and put their spin on old popular ones as well. Like every K-pop music video, theirs would smell of Hollywood blockbuster-worthy budgets that would get them huge numbers on YouTube. That would be the beginning of the Nigerian K-pop girl group global invasion. You’re welcome, Don Jazzy.

The Break-Up of an Iconic Girl Group

Unfortunately, the company would mismanage their finances, everyone would vex over the preferential treatment of Ayra, and as soon as their five-year contract is up, only three out of seven would renew. Most would want to return to their actual careers; they’ve acquired the status of global pop icons, so they can now run the acting, modelling or influencer industries too. But don’t worry, OT7 forever! 

There you have it. What do you think their fandom name should be? Tweet us or let us know in the comments section below.

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